Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week in Photos-11/18/15

            Hey folks! Not much to share again this week as I finally finished up preparations for the craft fairs. Well, I'm not completely done, but the only things I have left to do are make fresh bath fizzies and gather everything up!
            Other than that, Myka and I went on a hike Monday with some of our play date group peeps. We both had a great time. I just wish I would have gotten some pictures! I did take a few on our walk to our pond over the weekend. I would just like to say our land is hilly and this 32 weeks pregnant mama was worn out afterwards!

            It was so nice out! I would have liked to have stayed for longer, but Myka was being all go go go at the time. John and I had the same idea at the same time as we were leaving, though: We need some seating out there!

            All four of our cats have to go on our woodland excursions now...(Or so they think they do.)

            I said I wanted to go for a walk. I didn't realize my husband had intended on trekking to the pond, so I was unprepared with just regular tennis shoes on. So, I made a makeshift foot bridge for fun. In the springtime, however, we're going to have to think about making a proper bridge as the creek actually does get high enough to constitute making one.

            Last, but not least, I found this awesome shirt at Walmart! I had been wanting a goofy Christmas shirt of some sort to wear to the craft festivals. When I saw this I knew I had to get it. Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite movies, holiday or otherwise. :D

            Have you been able to enjoy any nice weather where you are, or is it getting crummy? Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!

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