Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This Week in Photos-11/4

            Hey folks! As you can probably guess, we had a busy weekend with Halloween and all. Let's cut right to the chase this week with the highlights!

            Thursday, not only did we host a Halloween craft playdate at the park, we got to go trick-or-treating at the local retirement home (which I loved because I love seeing elderly people happy :) ) and the library. Myka was dressed up as this cute little ladybug that night. The retirement home even handed out small pumpkins for all the kids! I also had to include the picture of her pumpkin from the library because I was impressed. I told her to make a pumpkin face and she did!
            Friday night was kind of a bust. We had planned on visiting the YMCA for their trick-or-treating, but there was a long line out the door and cars parked all the way to the highway. O.o So we stopped at the Walmart next door and she got a couple of late birthday/Halloween presents, including this dress up dress. She's been wearing it constantly (except for sleeping) since then, so she went as the chick from Brave (I've never actually seen that :/) on Saturday. Look at all that candy!

            I also got to work on some projects a little this weekend, which always makes me happy. In case you haven't noticed, Being Productive=Feeling Happy for me. lol We got some of our wood crafts shellacked that we plan on adding to our Etsy store. I've got one of the garden signs pictured above and some natural wood drink coasters. I even got around to starting some nursing pads for when baby sister gets here! Speaking of baby, John even put the crib together Sunday because I'm a little OCD about being prepared. (I still have 10 weeks left!)

            Since we didn't get to enjoy our fire long Friday night because of coyotes, we enjoyed a small one Sunday evening. I'm glad we were outside because look at that sunset! We've had a lot of beautiful sunsets lately. (When it's not rainy and gloomy!) I have no clue what kind of bush this is, but it's been red for like a month, at least. O.o That's about it's only redeeming factor. lol

            Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a fun Halloween. Now to start planning those delicious Thanksgiving meals!

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