Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Breaking Your Pop Habit-Tea is Your New Best Friend!-Part 1

            Hey folks! Now that the new year is here, there are probably a lot of you out there who have made some New Year's resolutions. We all do at some point in life, right? Other than weight loss and fitness goals, cutting out pop, soda, Coke, or whatever you may call it seems to be another popular resolution. Being a former "pop junkie" myself, I thought I would share with you about my own experience with cutting pop (Yes, I call it pop. I'm from Indiana. :P) out and give you some suggestions on tasty teas to try out for starters!
            First of all, I thought I would NEVER be able to stop drinking pop. Seriously. Every time I saw someone on my Facebook announce that they were going to stop drinking it, I always thought about how hard it would be, but were proud of them for trying to do so. After all, I had grown up on Diet Pepsi. I even worked at a convenience store at one point after high school and drank two to three 32 ounce fountain drinks every time I worked. How in the world could I possibly just stop drinking pop after so long?
            While I know that not all of you have children, are planning to, or are simply past the child-bearing age (or maybe you're a man!) and I'm certainly not suggesting that you go out and get pregnant just for this reason (that would be insane!), but getting pregnant with my daughter helped start my own personal "no pop" movement. I worked at a coffee shop for 7 months of my pregnancy, so I'm not going to lie and say I NEVER drank caffeine while I was pregnant, but I did get a LOT better about drinking water. Before that, I never drank water. Honest. I just didn't like it. It was bland, boring. But I knew it was good for a healthy baby, pregnancy, and me!
            Anyways, as any new parent knows, it is easy to fall back into bad habits if they're easy and started drinking more pop than I should have again for awhile. Then, about a year and a half ago, I made a conscious effort to really try and cut back on the sugary drinks. Pop is expensive! Not to mention it really is terrible for your teeth. I still HAD to have some form of caffeine, though, because I didn't want to go cold turkey and be a total, headache having grouch around my family. (And honestly I still feel like I can't "function" without a little bit of caffeine each day.) So, what could I drink that still had caffeine, had some flavor, and wasn't carbonated sugariness? Tea!

           As usual, this post seemed to have taken on a mind of its own and wrote itself...In other words, the more I wrote, I realized I needed to break this post up into two separate posts, otherwise it would have been way too long! Trust me, I hadn't realized it was possible for someone to talk this much about tea either. :) I do apologize and hope you'll come back for the rest of this post tomorrow. (Once it's live I'll share a link to that post here.) I'll be sharing my favorite teas to try and talking about some different tea making gadgets.

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