Monday, April 14, 2014

Chicken Update 4/14/14

            Hey folks! I hope I'm not boring you to death with my chickens yet. They're just so fun and I kind of want to "raise awareness" about backyard chickens and help people realize that they can raise them too if they really want to!
            I also kind of want to change "Chicken Update" to "Chicken Report" because every time I go to write one of these, I think of the "Creature Report" song from Octonauts on Nickelodeon. What makes that even more sad is that I haven't seen that show for at least 3 months, since I stopped babysitting and having access to satellite tv. (Or any tv for that matter.) lol
            Aaaaaanyways, I'll try to keep this short. (ha! Like that ever happens, eh?) Again, I knew chickens grew quickly, but I can't get over quite how quickly...Especially since our Barred Rocks mature faster than most breeds. Here is the picture from my first chicken update, ranging from the day we got them to a little over a week later:
            Here they are more recently:
 3/27/14 Yes, they are living in our spare shower at the moment. I'll get into that more in another post.
3/30/14 I love that you can really see their "pattern" showing now!

            The last picture cracks me up so much. This is generally how I am greeted: With a wary and curious eye. I read something I can't remember where about a woman finding her chickens to be highly entertaining to watch. That was before we had chickens and I thought she was nuts. I'm starting to wonder if I'm turning into the "crazy chicken lady" myself, though, because they really can be entertaining to watch. Maybe I'm just easily entertained. ;) 
            I think we can safely say that our chickens are no longer "chicks" and are teenagers. Since temperatures have been pretty nice here and Barred Rocks are said to tolerate both warm and cooler climates well, they will be going outside soon...As in as soon as my husband finishes the coop! lol There isn't too much work left to be done on it. He is working on the waterers as I write this. (I'll post more on those later.) Other than that, we pretty much just have the walk-up platform, roosting bar, and nesting boxes left.

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  1. Wow! They do grow quickly! I love this because whenever we finally buy a house I want to raise chickens, too!

    1. It's been a little scary just how quickly they grow! lol These ones do mature faster than other breeds, but that just means fresh eggs sooner, right? :D Now that they're outside, it's been much easier taking care of them. I say go for it! I bet your kids would love it too. :)