Friday, April 11, 2014

Update 4/11/14-In-Laws, Graduations, Flu, & More!

            Sorry about the lame graphic. I don't have any fun pictures to share today. I do have lots and lots to talk about, though. As usual, this post was scheduled way in advance. I'm writing this on March 30. Besides being OCD and liking to have posts scheduled well in advance so I don't feel pressed to write all the time, my in-laws are currently visiting! And by "currently" I mean the day you're probably actually reading this post, not the 30th. Confused yet?
            We seem to go through loooong periods of dullness then we'll have a few weeks or a month we are way busy. I don't understand it, but it's the way things go for my husband and me. We are currently going through a busy spell. It started sooner than expected last week when we all had the flu. That was fun. I'm just thankful that we weren't all puking on the same day.
            That sickness really messed with all of us, even after the vomiting and, er, other things stopped. We're all finally getting our appetites back after about a week. I finally felt ok enough to get out of the house yesterday after being indoors for over a week! I'm kind of anti-social and don't particularly like getting out all that much, but talk about cabin fever!
            Myka and I went and had the alignment checked on one of our cars since we're getting ready to go on a short trip. (I'll get to that in a minute.) Then we took a much overdue trip to the library. I think that's the longest we've ever stayed at one time. Myka had a blast! While it drives me insane that she just wanders around without having any regard for where I am, I was SO glad that she actually interacted some with other kids this time and not just adults...or completely running away from the other kids. lol I also got her all set up for next month's Baby Steps program (This will be the last one before she's old enough for Toddler Time or whatever it's called. :( ) AND the Easter Egg Hunt! I'm sure I'm more excited than she will be. ha ha
            It's been no secret that I am interested in homeschooling Myka when she gets older, but now I know for sure I want to. While I feel kind of silly for researching some stuff on it already since Myka is only 1 1/2, it's like I told John: She's already a year and a half old. Her being school-aged is going to sneak up on us before we know it. Might as well get a head start now. So, I checked a couple of books about homeschooling out from the library as well. I started with So You're Thinking About Homeschooling by Lisa Whelchel and I'm really liking it so far!
            Next week the fun really starts because we will all 3 be going to Fort Sill, OK for my brother's basic training graduation and family day. I haven't seen him for over a year now, so I definitely can't wait for that! However, I'm really dreading the car ride. I hope Myka isn't a holy terror. I'm also excited about stopping in Eureka Springs, AR on the way home! We stopped there for a few hours on our way back from Missouri one time and I loved it! It reminded me so much of Gatlinburg, TN, which is just about my favorite place!
            The fun will continue the week after we get back from that trip since my in-laws will be visiting and staying with us for a week. (I have a feeling it will end up being longer since neither one of them are working at the moment.) Don't get me wrong: I love my in-laws. They're the best and so easy to get along with. For that, I am thankful!
            If/when things ever calm down after all that, we have GOT to stop putting off "business" stuff and start making an effort to get our name and products out there. I don't have any dreams of becoming a huge company or anything, but it would be nice to at least have some steady business...or any business at all. :/ I think if more people knew about us and gave us a try they would love our stuff. It's quality products. Everyone we know who has tried some things loved it. We just need to get out there and find the right connections.
            What's going on in your world? Has your family had to deal with that awful flu that seems to be going around everywhere? Are you finally able to get outdoors and enjoy some nicer weather?

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