Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mother Knows Breast Blogger Opp

Teen Toddler Newborn is celebrating Breastfeeding! We are calling this the “Mother Knows Breast Giveaway”! Our readers will get to see reviews of our favorite nursing products! Then have the chance to WIN them! There will one big winner! If you are expecting, trying to conceive or maybe a guest at an upcoming baby shower these giveaways are for you!!!
Current Sponsors include (with more being added daily):

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If you are a PR rep or WAHM representing a company dealing in Nursing products we are still accepting sponsors! If you are interested please email redheadcreated (at) gmail (dot) com.
If you are a blogger interested in celebrating with us please keep reading. This event is FREE to join, however there are some actions required.
Giveaway Participant:
Participants get: one link on the rafflecopter (FB & Twitter only)
Participants are required to:
  1. Create an announcement post seeking bloggers.
  2. Post the event button on their blog. (HTML found in the FB Group)
  3. Post the giveaway on the date specified.
  4. Promote the giveaway at least once during the event.
  5. Join the FB group (below)
Maximum 25 bloggers.
Accepting sponsors until mid April. Event to begin April 29! Ends on May 20th.
These terms may change. I will email each blogger if/when they do!
Sign up to CO-HOST HERE! CLOSED Sign up as a “participant” HERE.
CO-HOST AND PARTICIPANTS JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP HERE! All post info will be posted in the FB group NOT emailed!

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