Monday, May 21, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend 2018 in Pictures!

            Hey folks! Things have been crazy busy and stressful around here the past couple of weeks. I seem to be perpetually behind on blogging as well, so I thought I would share some pictures and tidbits from Mother's Day weekend!

            I think it was Wednesday when I realized I had absolutely no idea what I was going to get or make my mom for Mother's Day. :/ Since we visited my parents that weekend I couldn't get away with just doing a card, plus I would have felt like a heel. I remembered seeing some ideas similar to these on Pinterest and combined them to, well, come up with these plant pots! I figured she would rather have something from the kids anyways and I thought this was a super cute idea! I cheated and asked my dad what kind of annuals mom liked, so John picked up some snapdragons for us to plant in them. :)

            My mom's stomach had been bothering her again when we arrived Friday. (I think it's nerves, but that's a whole other story.) Even though she was feeling better Saturday, she still decided to be a party pooper and skipped the cupcakes and canvases party SHE invited me to. Luckily, two of my aunts also went and I'm used to my mom's crazy friend who was hosting it. ;)
            I have to say, I had SUCH a good time! It was nice to have some adult interaction/conversation, especially without the kids! Well, I still had the baby, but she doesn't count. ha ha I actually wore her in my ring sling half the time I was painting! Now THAT'S talent! After it was all said and done, I hadn't realized how much I had missed painting. I used to love painting in school and was actually in the National Art Honor Society in high school. I'm dying to start painting again now!

            So, what did everyone else do while Gillian and I were gone painting? They went to the park, of course! (That was mostly my fault. I opened my big mouth about possibly meeting my friend there. ha ha) This picture cracked me up when I first saw it, with the sassy look on Ripley's face. 😂 Also, of course I am biased, but I'm pretty sure all of my girls should be in modeling. :)

            Sunday morning, Mother's Day, someone was being a turd. We woke up around our usual time, she nursed and got a diaper change, and I tried to put her back down...But, naturally, it was one of the few days I actually WANTED to go back to sleep, so she decided she wasn't going to. So I took her downstairs and let her nurse again...and she fell asleep after, like, 2 minutes! 😒 But, how can I stay mad at a face like that! She has really started "talking" lately and I can get her to kind of laugh every now and then. I love it! I wish she would stay this little forever. 😭

            This was right before we left Sunday afternoon and it's as good as we could get! lol I'm not sure what Ripley was pouting about. I think she was just being a grump because she needed a nap and just didn't want to take a picture.

            So, what did I get for Mother's Day? A new living room floor! Even though it was just something that needed done, I'll consider it my present, especially considering it was supposed to get done last year! *ahem* At least it's one less thing to worry about. I only wish we would have been able to paint too. :/ This wood paneling is for the birds. We don't even live in a trailer! But our house is very 70's in a lot of ways.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!

Letters to my Daughter


  1. That sounds like a wonderful Mother's day. Sorry your mom wasn't feeling well but I bet she loved her personalized pots. My mom, sister, mother in law and I went to a paint night for mother's day a year or two ago and we loved it.

    1. I can't wait to go to another one! I made sure to tell my mom's friend I wanted to come to the next one. :) I got some small canvases and my 5 year old and I painted one afternoon the week after!

  2. LOL, practical mother's day gift I suppose. Funny because I consider those "practical" things as "gifts" to myself too.

    1. oops I forgot my #BlogCrush !!!

    2. lol Well, she really likes flowers and I like painting, so it's a win/win. ;)

  3. The plant pots are a great idea! Its funny how we call necessary things gifts to ourselves... I'm sure my husbnd doesn't do that, but I have on more than on occasion! #BlogCrush