Monday, March 27, 2017

6 Things You Can NEVER Have Enough of (On the Farm)

            We have only lived on our farm for a year and a half, but we have already discovered that there are just certain things that you can NEVER have enough of! When we were working on a rabbit hutch the other day, I (not-so-jokingly) mentioned that you can never have enough chicken wire. (We had some extra laying around that we were able to use for the sides of our hutch.) John proceeded to spout of a bunch of other things, so I thought I would share our (not exhaustive) list below and some random projects we have used them for!

*Fencing/chicken wire-Seriously. You will always find something to use it for. Rabbit hutches, fencing off gardens/plants, putting together makeshift chick “nurseries”, etc.

*Rope-Tying together a “baby pen” for new piggies, tying our old, janky chicken coop door shut, tying around a big bunch of dead weeds/vines to pull out with the tractor.

*Wood/2x4's/pallet wood-Again with the “chick nursery”, putting together our lawn mower cart, pig house.

*Hardware: Screws, nails, staples-See projects above. Ha ha Also erecting pasture areas for animals, hanging up suet feeders, side projects/fun woodworking projects, etc.

*Buckets-Used to haul water out for animals when it's too cold to use the hose, used as feed buckets, mix up fertilizer.

*Time!-There is no such thing as having too much time on a farm. There is always something you can be doing, working on, or improving upon!

            What can you not live without or what do you wish you had more of around your place?

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