Monday, February 5, 2018

Stay Healthy & Fight Morning Sickness with Morning Pep Prenatal! (Review)

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             Hey, mamas-to-be, nursing moms, and TTC ladies! I think it's pretty awesome that there are so many options for prenatal vitamins nowadays, don't you? Today I want to share with you about a prenatal vitamin I just learned about from Morning Pep. Wondering why it's so special or what makes it different than other prenatals? Read on!

About Morning Pep Prenatal:

*Morning Pep Prenatal Has Been Carefully Crafted With All Essential Nutrients Necessary For Expecting And Nursing Mothers At This Special Stage In Life.

*Our Prenatal Is Food Based And Rich With Nutrients. A Superior Blend To Aid With Morning Sickness And Nausea All In A One Easy To Swallow Tablet.

*Morning Pep Prenatal Blend Is Formulated In A Way Where It Is Will Be Maximally Effective To Support Brain, Eye, And Nervous System Function.

*Morning Pep Prenatal Folic Acid Comes In The Form of L-Methyl Folate, The Most Bioavailable And Easily Absorbed Form of Folic Acid Or Folate.

*Morning Pep Prenatal Vitamin Tablets Are Odorless And Tasteless So You Do Not Experience Any Side Effects Like Nausea Etc.

*Morning Pep Prenatal Includes 25 MG of A Superior Blend of PROBIOTICS & ENZYMES And 800 MCG of Folic Acid (Folate).

*Morning Pep Prenatal Supports A Healthy Pregnancy, Breast Health, Healthy Estrogen Levels And The Immune System.

*Morning Pep Prenatal Eases Nausea And May Helps Support Hormone Related Mood Swings.

*Morning Pep Prenatal Is Manufactured And Packaged In The USA 

             I am well past my morning sickness days (thank God!), but boy do I wish I had known about these then! I mean, you're likely already taking a prenatal vitamin of some sort when you're pregnant. It's about time someone formulated them to help with morning sickness!
             I also found it interesting that Morning Pep Prenatal includes probiotics as well. I've not gotten into probiotics much, to be honest, but they have become more and more popular over the past several years and I hear plenty of people who swear by their benefits! I even read something recently that claims that taking a probiotic during pregnancy * may * help with preventing the group B strep that can pop up during pregnancy (or any time of life) and is tested for your doctor around 36 weeks.
             Other than what I mentioned above, here is my experience/opinions on Morning Pep so far:

-I would not call these “easy to swallow”. They are your typical horse pill-sized prenatal. That is probably my biggest complaint about these. I am not great at swallowing pills to begin with. These are impossible unless I chop them up.

-I wouldn't say these are odorless either. They smell like, well, vitamins. Or, as my husband described them, “Like a Flintstones vitamin without the flavoring.” ha ha! Tasteless? If you're swallowing them like a normal person, yes, I would say they're tasteless.

-Comparing the amount and type of iron and vitamin D I was previously taking to that which is included in the Morning Pep Prenatal, we decided it should be ok to stop taking those as I don't want to have too much of a good thing! So far the results have been surprising. The iron supplement I was taking was really messing my, well, #2's up. I'll spare you the details. I thought I would go back to being more regular since there isn't as much iron in the prenatal, but so far it seems to have the opposite effect. Who knows. It's not been quite a week yet. My body still might be getting used to them.

             That being said, I would still definitely recommend these to other pregnant friends! I realize most people are a lot better at taking pills than I am. (Though I would love to see a smaller size or chewable version in the future?) Plus, if it has any chance with helping morning sickness at all, I'm sure most pregnant people will be lined up to try these!
             Oh! And they are made for nursing mothers as well, which is great because nursing can really deplete you of vital nutrients for yourself AND baby! Even if you don't/can't nurse, these would come in handy for after you give birth regardless to start down a healthy road of recovery.
             Learn more about Morning Pep and their other products on their website. You can order your own bottle of Morning Pep Prenatal vitamins by following this link. (Currently on sale for $20 for a four month supply!)
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  1. I was really sick and felt awful for about 20 weeks with my first daughter - this sounds great. Sarah #FabFridayPost

  2. I had morning sickness (all day long!) for the full nine months with my second son and found just about all vitamins made me nauseous; I used to argue that they should have anti- nausea meds mixed in. #FabFridayPost

    1. Ugh, that sounds terrible! An old school friend had that too with her third son.
      Good argument, though! You think someone would have thought to include them sooner...especially since I know the vitamins themselves can make some people feel yucky!

  3. Wow! I had no idea that there are pills for morning sickness as such. Where were these when I need them! lol! x

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost