Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Wish List: A Gift Guide for the Eclectic Farm Family

            Hey folks! I have been blogging almost 5 years (WHAT?!) now and have never made a holiday gift guide. To be totally honest, I'm not exactly sure how they work from the blogger end. It seems like there are several ways people do them and the version I am familiar with from my early blogging days is not the same as what goes on now. So, consider this a “wish list”, not a “gift guide”. ;)
            Also, to be totally honest, John and I usually aren't into the whole gift exchange thing. But, I have to admit that I have come across some cool things both in stores and while perusing my mom's Lakeside Collection catalog recently. So, at the very least, I hope you find this list entertaining or helpful in some way for your holiday season!

I am not affiliated with or receiving any form of compensation from the following companies or brands...I just thought they had some cool stuff! All rights for pictures belong to whatever website they came from.

For the Kids!

Wal-mart finds...

I thought this looked like something Ripley might like. And bonus, it's educational!(There was one with the alphabet too. Of course I couldn't find a picture of it online.)

Uuummmm so I kind of meant to get this for Myka's birthday and forgot to write it down, therefore I forgot about it. :/ Oops! She saw it the other day, so I definitely won't forget now!

Rural King finds...

Myka is obsessed with horses. (What 5 year old girl isn't?) For some reason, she has gotten it in her head that we are going to own horses some day...Which is totally not happening. Maybe a toy pony will do?

New Ray/Country Life has tons of different farm and outdoor playsets. I really like them, but I'm still trying to decide whether the kids would too. Sometimes they like minis, sometimes they don't!

Imagination Adventure Series also has some great sets for the little outdoors lover in your life. Fishing, camping, ATVs...What's not to love?!

Lakeside Collection finds...

Myka is interested by geography, so I really think she would like this. Fun and educational!...For both of us! ;)

Both of the kids are obsessed with this giant checker board at the library, so this is a no-brainer. Myka and I have even been playing the regular sized checkers at home.

These books are as much for me as they are for Myka. I love reusing things for crafts and I'm sure I can work some of these into school stuff too!

All of these look fun. (There are 4 different ones in the catalog.) My kids are interested in all of these things and I like that they're compact!

Dinosaurs never get old in our house, so this is a no-brainer. Ripley likes them now too and Myka has been into them since she was 2!

A train AND bubbles? Say no more! Shut up and take my money! Ha ha

Again with the dinosaurs. Myka has been really into dinosaur books lately. And being Smithsonian, you know they're good.

I've been wanting to get the kids one of these for awhile. These ones actually look decent-sized too.

I've seen these things over the past few years, but never really looked into how they worked until I helped promote a giveaway for one recently. They look fun and unique!

A dinosaur that makes noise AND has a remote control?! 100% sure my kids would fight over this.

For Mom AND Dad!

Not only would this come in handy while camping, it would actually be even more useful for nights around the fire at home!

We LOVE watching shows on National Parks, so this book looks amazing.

Not gonna lie: We've both been wanting one of these for awhile. Then we would have a better excuse to make a chicken tractor!

We've both been wanting one of these since we moved into our current place. One day, one day...

For Mom!

I actually got some of those fleece-lined leggings at Walmart recently. They're just as amazing as I thought they would be!

Just because we live on a farm doesn't mean I'm into the whole kitchy farm décor or even the ever-so-popular farmHOUSE décor. But...I thought this set was cute. :)

I debated whether to put this on here since I will only have 2 months left by the time I would get it. I don't really care to where as long as they have PLUS SIZES and stuff that's not hideous! It is so hard to find plus size clothes that aren't fugly as hell.

You know what else I would love? Some more photo books! My mom actually made these for me one year, but I think a present to myself this year might be some more! At the very least, I would like to get a bunch of pictures printed and start an album.

For Dad!

He wasn't really specific, but don't most guys not mind getting tools? I don't think mine necessarily just meant like your pliers and whatnot. I think he meant gardening implements too.

John keeps bringing up hoop houses every now and then, so this is the first thing I thought of when I tried to think, “If money were no object, what would John want?” lol

Have you ever seen the prices on these things? They're insane! I know they're good, but jeese...The only reason I have some are because they were on super sale at Rural King last year.

Because you can never have too much storage!

Just for fun, what is on YOUR wish list this year? (It can be something that is purchasable or not!)
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