Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beautiful Views & Exploring at Shades State Park

             Hey folks! Myka recently stayed with my parents a few days around Easter. We always meet halfway for both of us in Crawfordsville to “exchange” her since we live so far away from one another. To get to the point, Shades State Park is only about 20/25 minutes from there, so I decided that would be our second stop on my quest to visit all of our state parks this year!

             We had been to Shades two years ago in the late winter when we were house hunting. It was super cold and dreary out and I’m pretty sure there was still snow on the ground. We just stopped briefly to check it out since we were in the area and  see if it would be worth visiting when it was warmer out. We weren't all that impressed. It didn't seem like there was much to do. And, to be honest, there really isn't, in a way, depending on what you enjoy doing at state parks. If staying at an inn with a restaurant, visiting the nature center, and going on short, easy hikes are your thing, Shades is probably not for you. If you're into moderate to rugged hiking, “roughing it” camping (non-electric campground), or just want to go there for a picnic or family get together, then you're in luck!
             I like hiking as much as the next person, but I'll be totally honest: I'm really out of shape...And I was alone with both of the kids, as I probably will be on most of these state park trips. Needless to say, we didn't get too adventurous. 

             I had intended on taking one of two short, easy trails, Trail 6, which is only .5 miles. The thing is, I'm really bad at reading maps. Like, I'm pretty sure I'll get us lost in the woods at some point this year on one of these journeys. Plus, there were some people with dogs that didn't exactly sound friendly, so I think I panicked a little and wanted to go the opposite way of them. Which landed us on part of trail 1...

             While only .75 miles in length, Trail 1 is listed as moderate/rugged and went down many, many steep stairs to the bottom of a ravine where you can walk through the creek bed and check out a small waterfall, evidently. Myka wanted to explore this, of course, but there was no way in hell I was going down there without extra adult supervision to help out. You know what they say: What goes down, must come back up! Lol

 The Devil's Punchbowl/Creek Bed

             However, going on the wrong trail had worked out because we did get to see some beautiful sights. We got a gander of the gorge where the creek bed mentioned above was. There were also two lookout points: Inspiration and Prospect Point. I really shouldn't complain because it was a great view of Sugar Creek from both spots, but I was disappointed there were so many bees at Prospect Point as the view was admittedly better there. (Btw, what is UP with the BEES this spring?! I'm not talking about the good, honeybees either!) I just kind of reached, clicked, and hoped for the best as far as pictures went there. :D 

 From Prospect Point
From Inspiration Point
             Myka was getting kind of burnt out by the time we got done, so I couldn't talk her into checking the pond out. While we didn't walk down the crazy stairs to the creek bed, we did have to walk up and down quite a few at the beginning/end of trail 1. I think she was also kind of disappointed there were tons of those bees swarming around the little playground area we found too. I made up for it by taking her to the park in Greencastle on the way home. ;)

             We weren't there long, and while I would love to go on some of the other trails some time, it was still definitely worth going out of our way a little. The pictures really don't do the views justice. (I know, I know. I really need to work on my photography skills.) It was worth going just for those!
             Since this park is so close to Turkey Run, which is larger and has many more amenities, it seems like it would be nice and quiet for camping at Shades. I'm hoping I can talk John into giving it a go sometime since HE'S the one who brought up camping the other night! We haven't been in years, so have never been with the kids...Wish me luck!

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