Monday, January 16, 2017

The Birthday Weekend

             So...Last weekend was certainly interesting. I turned the big 3-0 on Saturday and Ripley turned 1 on Sunday. Things definitely didn't go as planned, but they were still a lot better than my birthday last year when I was holding a pity party for myself. I was over 40 weeks pregnant and VERY over it, hubby was at work, so I sat around feeling sorry for myself, crying, and eating birthday cake. Ha ha
             Originally, the kids and I were supposed to stay with my parents for the weekend. My parents and I were supposed to go to an ice hockey game Saturday night while the kids stayed with one of my aunts. Well, as usual, there is always some kind of crappy weather every year on my birthday and they were calling for ice. Yuck. So mom kind of decided for us that she didn't want to risk us coming up, so we visited on Thursday and stayed all night. 

             Since my husband was already planning on re-flooring and re-painting our bathroom, I decided to get the kids out. But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. That morning when I went out to feed Mr.Bruce (our American Guinea Hog, if you're not familiar with our zoo) I noticed there was a problem with him. I'd rather not go into details as I already feel horrible enough because it was basically my fault for not noticing it sooner, but let's just say I had planned on getting him some antibiotic powder from Rural King...Until we realized they changed some laws at the beginning of the year basically stating that you need a veterinary prescription. * sigh * We have been taking care of it with what we have at home and are keeping an eye on it. He seems to already be feeling better today.
             We made the mistake of saying something about getting chickens in front of Myka, so we pretty much still had to go to the farm store after that. Oh well. An excuse to get out of the house, right? And after all, they were only a DOLLAR for pullets! $1! We hadn't wanted to get more chickens this early, but come on!
             Naturally, Myka about drove me crazy at the store. I love her enthusiasm, but...damn. It's a little too much sometimes. And yes, there is such a thing as being too enthusiastic! It goes without saying that she gets REALLY excited about baby chicks! She had to talk to everyone, which was entertaining, but at the same time I felt I had to talk to them, which is normally fine, I don't mind socializing with strangers while we're out and about, but I was trying to make sure Ripley didn't fall out of the cart because, wouldn't you know it, I picked the friggin' cart that had a broken belt and was trying to grab my own chicks all at the same time! 

             Anyways, we get done after what feels like forever, get in the car, check my phone, and...hubby needs some random plumbing part. * sigh * So I drag the kids back in and they are completely out of the thing I needed. * double sigh * Get back in the car, head to Menards and hooray! they have what we need. Myka's still acting a fool, playing with small plumbing parts and talking to anyone who will listen to her as I'm trying to talk to my husband on the phone and make sure I got the right thing. Oh. He needs two. Well, shit. I had the employee grab the first one for me.
             We eventually make it home and I drop the kids off and offer to go get pizza. (We live too far in the sticks for delivery. :( ) I pick up the pizzas as well as some treats for myself (a new purse finally and a bottle of wine!) and get home to find that NEITHER of the pizzas were made correctly. -_- I know, I know. That's what I get for not checking. I never remember to check. So my father in-law had to run back to town to get them fixed.

             So here I am, writing this on Sunday. Today's been relatively uneventful, thank God! I stayed up way too late and am a little hungover, to be honest...enough to be annoyingly scatter-brained. I haven't gotten nearly as much done on the computer as I would have liked. Myka and I started on a new homeschool theme while Ripley took a nap. Other than that I've been to keep Myka from killing the chickens with love and keep both of them out of the way and out of the hot mess in the bathroom! Whew!
             How was your weekend? Did you have any crazy misadventures? 

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  1. Love the craziness! You are quite the cool mama for getting your daughter chickens. And do not fret about your 30's. Now that they are in my past, I can say that the 30's were the best decade I've had! #FabFridayPost

    1. I hear lots of people say that, so I sure hope so! :) Thanks for stopping by.