Monday, October 24, 2016

Homesteading Update: Clear All the Things!

             Hey folks! It's been a few weeks since I've had any homesteading posts, but that definitely doesn't mean we haven't been busy around here! Besides having a lot more interest and obligations towards parenting-related posts and reviews lately, we've been so busy with outdoor stuff that I just haven't had time to write about our exploits!

Go home, tractor! You're drunk!

             One of John's co-workers is letting us borrow his old tractor and bush hog kind of indefinitely, so we've been slowly but surely clearing some areas we want cleared for expanding our “grow op” in the future. (Significantly more fruit trees, berry bushes, pumpkin patch, etc.) Clear all the things! J/k. We won't even be clearing that much relative to how much property we have. We like our woods too clearing that much by ourselves would take for-ev-er.

Future pumpkin patch and ???

 Big area cleared on the hill by the house. Future home of more fruit trees!

             Other than that, we are finally getting trails cleared too! I finally got to see the end of our that we've been living here for over a year. Lol Better late than never, right?

This is actually our "neighbor's" field, but it's a pretty view, right?

             In other homesteading news, we cleared out the rest of our squash patch (and black beans) yesterday. We've been trying to sell our extra butternuts, eggs, and pickles! 

            We finally decided to get rid of Plucky. He's been picking on Myka and she's too much of a weeny to be mean back to him most of the time to show him SHE'S the boss. Plus, we just had way too many roosters-3 of them to only 10 hens. O.O AND, he would never shut up, so he drew the short straw by default. As it turns out, we didn't care for the meat from our meat birds, so we just gave him away for free to a lady I know in our local online Facebook farmer's market group.

             Seriously...SOOO many freaking pumpkins, all from the volunteers! I think the final count was around 16? We've only carved 6 so far...

             We've decided to keep Mr.Bruce as he's doing a better job of rooting now. (We thought about selling him awhile ago, if I didn't mention that anywhere.) He's pouting here because we finally put his harness on him. What's with the dog harness? While he is in an electric fenced in area, he's been stuck in a pen we made with some kind of panels we found in the garage (chicken wire panels?) after the Great Pig Escape of July. So we'd like to be able to take him out soon and roam around more.

             What has been going on around your place? Do you have any plants left in your garden?

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