Monday, August 8, 2016

Dealing With Parental Humdrum

             I'm sure even the most chipper of parents experience it sometimes: parental burnout. It gets the best of all of us, right? It doesn't mean we're bad parents if we feel like we need a break sometimes. In fact, we all deserve a break now and then. We're all human. And routine can get boring, especially for the types of people who crave spontaneity. So, what's a parent to do to break up the monotony?
             In my opinion, the best way to get out of a parental funk is to break routine. I'll list some different ideas for this below, but they all basically come back to that same priciple. Let's start out with small, easy to execute things you can do right now and go from there.

*Do something different with your kids. Do you and your kids do the same thing every day? It's easy to get caught in a routine and yes, routine is good for kids...but it's good to do something spontaneous now and then too! Make an effort to do more fun things with your kids, whether it's going to the park, pool, or playdate or just having a special time at home to do crafts, play with toys they don't get out often because they take up too much room, etc. Whatever your family is into!

You could also try just changing your routine every now and then when you feel yourself getting bored. Do household chores in the morning? Switch to doing them in the afternoon for awhile. Watch a movie in the morning with your kids instead of the evening for some early snuggles and extra “waking up” time.

*Do something by yourself. Again, everyone needs a break. Even if it's something small, it can make a huge difference. For some of us, even going to the grocery store all alone can feel like a vacation. If willing and able, do something more fun, like going to see a movie with friends or get a manicure. Heck, work on a hobby you enjoy, like knitting, scrapbooking, or woodworking all by yourself after everyone is asleep or before everyone is up in the morning.

*Spend quality time with other loved ones. Let's be honest: A lot of us would like to be able to go on date nights a lot more than what we usually do, amiright? Or maybe you've been meaning to visit some elderly family members more. We're all guilty of neglecting old friends too, so why not make a date with them?

*Go on a trip! If you want to get real adventurous, go on a trip as a family. Even if it's just a day trip somewhere close by. Visit a national/state park or recreational area within driving distance, go camping over a weekend, or go all out and take a vacation to some place you've never been before.

             What do you do when you start getting parental burnout?
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  1. I like the tip to do something different - I read a post recently about parents needing to get out and play with their kids more. Not for the kids sake, but for the parents. It is good for us to play and do different things, too!! Thanks so much for sharing at the Family Joy linkup! Hope to see you again next Sunday!

  2. Great tips here... I know it can really be boring sometimes, made me appreciate going to work to have a break. Most of the time, we go out on day trips, just get some fresh air and do something adventurous for the kids as well. #FabFridayPost

  3. I so want to go on a trip, but I've never been away from my kid since she was born. It will be hard but I so need it! LOL. Thanks for sharing the list.

  4. Great tips. I would love some time alone but it's rarely possible with my son's needs as well as our other two. I love a break in routine though, nothing worse than monotony!

  5. It does all get a bit samey sometimes. I have days where I just can't be bothered too. I like to just get outdoors. Sarah #FabFridayPost

  6. Love this Parental Humdrum. Sometimes when I am bored I go out for an ice-cream! :) Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost