Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dawn Publications Spring 2016 Releases

             Hey folks! It's time for a sneak preview of Dawn Publications' 2016 Spring releases! If you've not seen any of my past previews, Dawn Pub specializes in providing nature books for children on topics such as farm life, ecosystems, plant life, and much more, all in a way that makes learning fun and interesting for young children! Even better, there are always resources at the back of the books for extended learning at home or in the classroom, as well as resources on their website.

Over on the Farm

I love the Over on the... series, especially since they're geared towards younger kids and Myka is only three, so I was excited to see that not only was there a new book in the series coming out this spring, but it was about one of my and Myka's favorite subjects: farm animals! As always, Marianne Berkes does a wonderful job with the rhymes, making them both memorable and easy for the children to relate to. I thought it was funny there are suggested hand/body movements to do along with the animals in the story at the end of the book because I found myself doing some of them while reading this with Myka before we even came across it in the back!

Aside from the hand movements, I really liked that there were suggestions for expanded comprehension/learning broken down into different groups, such as language arts, math, science, etc. Plus, a lot of them are suitable for kids as young as preschool-aged, so we should be able to do some of the activities next year!

Green Bean! Green Bean!

Grean Bean! Green Bean! is the perfect book to welcome spring! All about the events a green bean can face during the growing season, this is another book from Dawn Pub that makes learning about plant life cycles fun and engaging! Intended for ages 4-10, this would be a great book to include in a lesson on gardening, plant science, and more.

I liked the repetition in this book as it seems to make the story flow more easily and will help children remember it better. It would make a fun read-aloud book! Plus, it's not wordy and to the point, which I think helps kids stay focused for longer and get a better understanding on the story in the process.

As a family, we all love being outdoors and planting lots of different veggies, herbs, and fruits. We also started on a nature-based preschool homeschool curriculum last year with our three year old. Needless to say, I can't wait to include a print copy of Green Bean! Green Bean! into our gardening lesson!

Wild Ones: Observing City Critters

Wild Ones is a fun tale of a curious dog discovering interesting critters throughout his city neighborhood. Children (and you!) may be surprised by the diversity of wildlife to be found in urban areas, from opossums to hawks, beavers to foxes.

There were two things that interested me in this book right away: the premise of the story and Cathy Morrison's artwork. (I know, I know. I just can't say enough good things about her illustrations. They're so colorful and lifelike. I'm glad she illustrates many of Dawn Pubs' books!) I love the premise of this book because oftentimes the natural aspects of cities get overlooked, leading both kids and adults to believe they can't connect with nature if they live in a city, which is not true! Wild Ones will serve as a great starting point to teach children who live in urban areas that they can indeed observe wildlife close to home, even in the city!

            All of the above titles are now available for purchase on Dawn Publications' website. Happy reading and get out there and enjoy nature with the children in your life today! :)

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