Monday, August 24, 2015

Making a Homestead Part 5: Making a Lawn Mower Wagon

             Hey folks! Long story short, it's been a long time since I've had a new post because we finally moved and we've been without internet! We ended up having to switch providers at our new place, neither one of us could seem to find the time to call them, and blah blah blah, but here we are finally. I can stop having internet withdrawals. ;)
             We've been up to a lot it seems like since moving at the beginning of August. Who knows when I'll get this posted since, as usual, I'm writing it beforehand and we still don't actually have internet as I'm writing, BUT, we've been productive little country beavers already. We got our unpacking done surprisingly fast. I think subconsciously we both wanted to get to the outdoor stuff since we both enjoy it more. Ha ha
             We got lucky and one of my aunts let us have their riding lawn mower for free since part of it was broken, but mostly they just didn't need it any more since they are moving as well. Even luckier, it was an easy fix (have I mentioned John is really good at fixing things?). It still technically needs some spring, but at least it is working and the yard is under control. It was a bit of a jungle. Speaking of lawn mower, let me get to the point of this post before I ramble too much...
             The previous owners left a LOT of stuff in one of the garages, barn, and even in the attic. While it's still mostly annoying since we'll have to go through it eventually, we (again, especially John) have a knack for finding things to do with random junk. This weekend someone got the idea to make a cart for the lawn mower out of a bunch of scrap and leftover wood. It's amazing what you can make with free or cheap stuff!

Taking the "rough" cart for a test drive. So far it's mostly an old wood pallet and some old tires we found in the barn.
Because the pallet wood was rougher than John had thought, he put some plywood down on top of it that we had left over from fixing the kitchen floor. We've been doing a lot of "brush management", if you will, so the sticks were plentiful.
Finishing touches with more wood we had left over from fixing things on the house. The boards and sticks are screwed together and the sticks fit into holes in the plywood so that we can take any of the sides off whenever we need. Handy!

             As you can hopefully see, it was relatively simple to make and has come in quite handy already in the past week! Have you done any projects where you turned junk into something useful? Stay tuned for our next homesteading post, which will be about us critter proofing the pre-existing chicken coop!

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