Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pregnancy Update: Planning for a VBAC

There's baby #2 with a lovely yolk sac hat. Weird and funny, right?
            Hey folks! Hopefully by now you have read on here or my Facebook page that we are expecting baby #2! Naturally, I have had lots of things running through my mind: Homebirth or hospital? Midwife or "regular" doctor? Will I be able to have a VBAC? And the list goes on and on. Suffice it to say, I have a lot to talk about!
            While I had found a local midwife group that happened to support VBACs (in this case it would be HBACs, home birth after cesarean) as well (which is a lot harder to find than you probably know if you've never searched!), I didn't realize until my husband explained it to me that we would basically have to file our own insurance claims. It may seem trivial, but that's not something either of us feels like dealing with...not to mention we don't have that kind of extra money laying around right now to cover costs until insurance reimburses us! Unfortunate, but true.
            So, while bummed about not going the home birth route, I took to my ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) group on Facebook and looked for suggestions on VBAC friendly doctors/hospitals. The group of doctors/hospital I'm going with is a bit far, but totally worth the drive if I can get my VBAC I so desperately want! While it makes sense when it comes to the time when you deliver your baby, I'm not crazy about their policy requiring patients to see each of the three doctors at the practice. Why? Because I'm totally and completely open about being sexist when it comes to male OBGYNs...and 2 out of 3 of them here are. :/
            I've only met one of the male doctors so far and was extremely disappointed. Not that it's saying much, but even John didn't care for him. Even if the ladies in my ICAN group hadn't hyped him up so much, I still wouldn't like him all that much. What can you do besides hope he's not on call when it's time to deliver, right?
            Anyways, other than that, I've already got the clear for planning on a VBAC so long as no issues come up, of course. Very exciting for me! As crazy as I'm sure some of you out there reading this think I am, I have always wanted "the whole experience". Completely honestly, if it never happens, I think I will feel like I was robbed of one of the most important life experiences (to me). I know that's dramatic, but just voicing my thoughts, here.
            I'm also going to try for the "all natural route" again too. I think I would have been fine the first time if I hadn't gotten induced. My contractions were way off the monitor, but I didn't give in to the epidural until I was around 7/8 cm dilated. I think I can resist the temptation this time (so long as I don't have to be induced for whatever reason), especially because I found out there are tubs and showers in the rooms that can be used for labor AND they have wireless monitoring! Yay! Welcome to the 21st century! Now just keep your fingers crossed baby does ok during contractions so I'm actually able to utilize the wireless monitoring! :D
            In case you can't tell, I'm really excited. Not that I wasn't with my daughter...but I feel like I get a "re-do" with this birth, if that makes sense. Plus I'm WAY less worried this time around about the pregnancy in general. Makes things a lot more pleasant. :)

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