Monday, June 8, 2015

BBT Charting Update: It Finally Paid Off!

            Hey folks! As you can see above, I have some exciting news to share: Owen baby #2 is on the way! Hubby and I are both super excited...And especially glad it didn't take as long as it did with Myka. Nine months is a lot more bearable than 3 years...Although technically we haven't not been trying since Myka was around a year/year and a half old. I know. TMI.
            Speaking of TMIs, now that there is a bun in the oven I will be doing pregnancy updates (with brutal honesty about how this little sea monkey is wreaking havoc on my body) instead of BBT charting updates for obvious reasons. Good thing too since I was slacking on them anyways. I had been putting them off for awhile because I got my hopes up last month. Who knows. Maybe I did have an early miscarriage for all I know. Let's just keep our fingers crossed this baby sticks! (I'm writing this post well in advance before I plan on publishing it since I'm one of those people who is superstitious about letting the world know about pregnancies before 12/13 weeks along, so it's probably safe to assume everything is going well if you're reading this. ;) )
            So, while over the past two months my cycles have gotten much more consistent, they were still taking like 44 days. O.o The midwife should have fun calculating my due date. ha ha Since I took one of those fancy pregnancy tests that guesses how far along you are and I looked back over my chart, I am guessing I am about 6, maybe close to 7 weeks along. (Writing this on 5/19) So, while I'm not looking forward to having a winter baby, he or she should be due around my birthday in January!
            Symptoms...ah, what is pregnancy without a few symptoms? And this is coming from the person who had it super easy the first time. I only threw up once! (Go ahead. Hate me.) So far this pregnancy is quite different from my first, though I'm still not sure how I didn't see the signs sooner. First of all, my boobs are going crazy already. I've never been the person with the sore boobs before visits from Aunt Flo, so that should have been a red flag. It's not so much that they are sore all over. It's mostly my nipples, which is really strange for me! There are already some days where my boobs feel like they're going to explode, though. I didn't even have these problems when I was pregnant with Myka. I think my body is trying to overcompensate where it lacked the first time. lol
            I've always been having what I can only guess hot flashes feel like, especially in my face. Not going to complain about that too much, though, as I'm taking that as a good sign that my hormones are doing their job.
            The thing that finally got me to take a pregnancy test, though (and you're going to laugh at how random it is), is that my face got sunburned last Wednesday. I had been doing some yard work at the new house while John worked on the inside. I was trying to figure out why I was the only one who got burnt when I wasn't even in the sun all that much. Given, my husband and daughter tan a lot easier than I do, but still. Then it dawned on me...because I found out the hard way the first time that people weren't joking about your skin being more prone to sunburns while pregnant! So, sure enough, the blue plus sign on the top right test popped up right away. Being a little OCD and completely shocked, I took the two in the bottom left right away as well...And the "fancy" one in the bottom right the next day. lol (I even took another one a couple days ago, but this is already running longer than I meant, so that's a story for another time. :D)
            Have any of you found out recently that you're pregnant too? I'd love to hear what made you decide to take the test! (No matter how ridiculous the reason. ;) )


  1. Congratulations! I have long cycles and my MW based EDD of when I O'd and not my LMP.

    1. That's good! Unfortunately, I think the doctor went by my LMP, which is stupid, really, because what was the point of me writing down how long my cycles usually last for on all that paperwork? Oh well. They did an ultrasound too (which I also thought was silly, but was kind of glad for too) and they didn't say anything about the size being off, so we'll see!

  2. Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Looks like you don't need to keep spending a fortune on pregnancy tests anymore. ;)