Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 Ways for Kids Under 5 to Help with Yard Work

            Hey folks! As parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and more, we all know it can be hard to get certain tasks accomplished when there are little ones around. It can prove to be especially difficult trying to get any yard work or gardening done while making sure a toddler isn't wandering off, getting into an ant hill, or worse! As OCD as I am about certain things, I am still all for having kids help out with grown up tasks. (Plus most kids love to feel like they're helping!) So, here are just a few ideas to keep little ones busy while you get some work done too!

1) Water Plants/Flowers
If you have children closer to 5, you might be able to trust them with a water hose. (Unless they're mischievous and you know they would probably try to spray you. ;) ) For younger kids, a watering can can be just as fun. Especially if you get a kiddy-sized one that is easier to handle. Plus you shouldn't have to worry as much about them drowning your plants since they don't hold as much water!

2) Pull Weeds
If you have a garden or flower beds, your kids may enjoy helping you pull weeds. Of course, you'll have to supervise this task a little more closely than others, but if you're working alongside one another you should be fine. And let's face it: It's a lot easier for little ones to get down on their knees or stoop than us adults!

3) Help Transplant/Re-Pot Plants
I know what you're thinking: Are you crazy?! Plants are delicate. I don't want my kid to accidentally tear them up. True, but they can (and would probably be more than happy to) help with the dirt part. We took some seedlings that needed transplanted to my parents house a couple of weeks ago. Myka had fun and did a good job of dumping the old dirt out of the pots into the garden and bringing the empty ones back to us. You could always let your kids help scoop up the new dirt into the pots too.

4) Pick Up Sticks & Rocks
I don't know about your yard, but we used to have quite a few sticks and rocks we would need to pick up before mowing our yard in Arkansas. I remember letting Myka help me pick up sticks a few times and she was only 1 1/2 then! What kid doesn't love sticks and it helps you get the job done faster. :)

5) Rake
Buy that kid a rake that's their size and put them to work! ha ha Not that you should force them, but if your kids aren't that into it, you could always motivate them by telling them the sooner they help you rake leaves, the sooner they can jump and play in them. ;) If you're really OCD about your lawn, you could always see if they want to help you rake up grass clippings too.

            What outdoor chores do your little ones enjoy helping you with?

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