Monday, March 23, 2015

Budget-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

            Hey folks! It's hard to believe that Easter is less than two weeks away, isn't it? I have to confess that, aside from Halloween, Easter is the one holiday I have always enjoyed (and still do!) the commercialism side of. I always loved waking up to see what treats the Easter Bunny brought, coloring eggs, going on egg hunts, and the whole nine yards. While we did attempt some Easter egg hunts last year, this is the first year we are actually putting together a goody basket for Myka. However, I still didn't want to go too overboard, so I thought I would share some ideas on where to find cheap Easter basket fillers!
            First of all, we got all of ours at Target, mostly from the "$5 and under bins" upfront. (Not sure if they have an actual name for that area, but you know what I'm talking about if you've ever been to Target!) My husband, being the sucker that he is sometimes, did splurge some and got her a cheap remote controlled car, which was the most expensive thing we bought at $8.99. It was supposed to be a surprise, but we were not quick enough putting the bags away when we got home, so needless to say we've already played with it. lol :/ Everything else, though, was literally a dollar: the plastic Easter grass, squishy rabbits, toy cars, bubbles, spinning tops, pinwheel, and growing kits. (Although we did buy like seven of those grow kits and they are more for us than Myka. lol)
            Both the Dollar Tree and Dollar General also have some fun items for kids for cheap. (The Dollar Tree is the one where literally everything is $1!) I've not been to one since we've moved back, but I used to love shopping at the Dollar Tree for seasonal items to use for decoration or in sensory bins for Myka when we still lived in Arkansas. We've also recently bought some things for Myka at Dollar General just because. I got a Mickey Mouse (and friends) activity book with stickers for $1 and John bought several good kids movies, including Cars and How to Train Your Dragon, there for $3.95 each! They are previously viewed movies, but we have not had any issues with them so far.
            Where do you like to shop for Easter goodies on a budget? What are your children's favorite treats?

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