Thursday, December 4, 2014

Spreading Holiday Cheer All Throughout the Year

            Hey folks! Christmas season is well underway now. As you may have gathered if you read my posts somewhat regularly, this time of year isn't exactly my favorite. One of my bigger "beefs" with the holiday season is the whole "giving season" business. Now, before you run away thinking this is going to be one of my rants on commercialism, it's actually not. I promise you. I actually have a very good point (in my opinion, anyways) to make.
            I do like the whole idea behind "the season of giving". I think it's great that people want to and are able to get out there and help those in need in various ways. What gets me, though, is I feel like we (as humans in general) should focus on selfless giving all throughout the year, not just for a few weeks. After all, people need help year-round, not just at Christmas time.
            Maybe I just don't see it because we don't have tv any more, but where are all the commercials and other advertisements to help the needy and homeless during the rest of the year? There are still going to be people without a roof over their head in June. Kids who will still need clothes in March.
            So, while I'm not delusional and know not many people will be reading this, maybe you can help me out by sharing and passing this post along to your friends and family if you agree with me. I have a little challenge for you:
            For those of you who already volunteer or help the needy and homeless out in some way during the holiday season, I challenge you to continue to do so year round. Maybe not every week, but at least once every month or two. For those of you who don't already do something, start! There are TONS of things you can do. Don't have enough money to donate? Donating time is just as important! Not sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas to get your started:

Volunteering Opportunities
-nursing homes or senior living communities
-schools or daycares
-animal shelters
-local parks
-Girls Scouts or Boy Scouts
-teach a class at a community center
-homeless shelters/soup kitchens
-halfway houses
-residential women's safe houses

-food items
-clothing (don't forget coats, boots, etc!)
-blood and/or plasma
-old vehicles
-old, but still working appliances

            I'd love to hear your ideas and your personal volunteering/donating stories in the comments section below!
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  1. I always say I need to do better with volunteering with the kids. Thanks for the reminder to make the call. I blog about food and books so helping with a group that helps feed the hungry or encouraging reading for kids are the kinds of organizations I want to help with.

    Stopping by from Pintastic party!

  2. Last winter I decided to take my kids downtown (Salt Lake City) to ride the train and see the city. My son (8) insisted on bringing his backpack and I later realized he had stuffed it full of mini tissue packs. He told me it was in case he met some homeless people with colds. He has a great heart and is always thinking about people who have less than him. I learn a lot about serving in small ways from him :)

  3. These are some great tips. We always like to volunteer around the holidays. Much needed for a lot of folks around this time. But we also do it year round too!

  4. What a wonderful resource as we enter the holidays! Thank you!

  5. These volunteering ideas are great! It is important to always give back and help others in need.

  6. Great ideas. You can even donate food to the food pantry. This time of year is tough for many families.

  7. This is great! We always donate a shoe box and I get the kids involves in this too, but I think this year we will be doing something different - not quite sure yet, but I will discuss it with the kids looking through this list. :) Thank you so much for sharing with us on #FabFridayPost

  8. I do my giving throughout the year and also have a "trunk" that doubles up as a seat in my living room to collect "giveaways" I am absolutely with you about highlighting giving only during this time of year. :) Good to meet you via #FabFridayPost!