Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Fun Has Begun!

            Hey folks! It is officially my favorite time of year: fall! I don't know about where you live, but it definitely feels like fall here already too! We decided to actually do something fun this weekend after our super busy, "productive" house hunting weekend last weekend and visited Stuckey Farm.
           This place is a lot of fun for the whole family. Located on 40 acres, Stuckey Farm has a farmer's market, you pick apple orchard, pumpkin patch, and a giant slide made from what looks like those big, plastic, drainage pipes. None of us were adventurous enough to go down the slide...or willing to wait in the long line. lol We did pick half a bushel of apples, including Galas, Fujis (my fave), a few McIntosh, and one other that I'm not sure if I'm spelling right because I've never heard of them. Mulleins? I don't know. My husband wanted some. But yah, I think we may have went a little overboard on the apples! I'm planning on making lots and lots of yummy applesauce with most of them.

            We wanted to get pumpkins for all of us, but, we just got the news when we arrived at the farm that we got an apartment, so we decided to hold off but did get one little one for Myka to decorate. I thought it would be nice to let Gigi and Papaw (my parents) keep it since we are moving out and I'm sure they'll miss her. Now, to actually make time for her to decorate it in the next 2 days!

            I also really wanted some apple cider, so I gave in and bought half a gallon this time. Let me just say oh-em-gee. It is the best stuff ever! And yes, they have their own cider mill and make it themselves. Pretty cool, huh? They also make fresh apple cider donuts. We haven't tried any, but they smell amazing and actually sold out before we left yesterday!
            Did any of you celebrate the arrival of autumn in a fun way this weekend? Have your children been doing any fall themed activities at school or home yet?

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