Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hempies and Real Food, Oh My!

    It has been an exciting day for a 3 ½ month old in the Owen house! Okay, so it’s been exciting for me and Myka could probably care less. I think I’ve finally found the solution (at least temporarily until she gets bigger :/) to her super nighttime wetting.  For several weeks I have been using one of the small BestBottom inserts with a folded up flat diaper at night. It was the only thing that worked with what I had available at the time. The only problem was the bulkiness. All of us cloth diapering moms know that some diapers are just bulkier than others. There’s so many different types and that’s just the way it is. Myka’s were already kind of bulky to begin with (in my opinion), so the extra “padding” did not help. Sure, it’s all nice and soft, but I can’t imagine it could have been too comfortable for her with all the extra “fluff” down there. If she could walk she would probably look like she had a corn cob stuck up her bum with her nighttime nonsense on. Anyways, I tried out the Hemp Babies doubler with a prefold last night and there were no leaks! Any mom with a baby in diapers can appreciate that, right? As much fun as changing fitted crib sheets is. Pff! I can finally put all of her diapers back on the setting they should be for her size instead of having to mess around with them at night and putting them on the largest setting just to fit all of the padding! I’m sure baby is much more comfortable too. J
    I also have some BestBottom hemp inserts I need to try with her, but I’m already irritated with how long they are! I ordered the large ones but still, the cover should be against baby’s skin, right? Well, I snapped one in to see how it looked inside of the diaper because it looked so long outside of it and I have a feeling I’m going to have the same problem as I did with the other large stay-dry ones I have. They’re so long that I can’t even get the diaper closed properly. And yes, I have the diaper on the largest setting. :/ This is why I have resorted to prefolds and flats for now. The smalls aren’t cutting it any more, the larges are too big, and I refuse to buy mediums. Maybe I just complain too much about problems that I'm probably creating for myself. Bah humbug!
    On a lighter note, I had Myka try cereal for the first time today. J I was happy to see that she didn’t stick her tongue out much, like I hear that most babies do the first time. I’m taking that as a good sign and hopefully she will do well next time we try it too. I can’t wait to start experimenting with homemade baby food, even though that won’t be for a few more months. ;)


  1. She's so beautiful! Love that mushy cereal face. Glad you found a solution to keeping her dry. I used disposables for both of my kids now but I really would like to try cloth next time!

    1. Thank you. :) She's a mini female version of daddy. ha ha We used disposables on her when she was first born (I didn't know about all of the nifty newborn diaper rental programs) and she got a bad rash. We had originally gotten into cloth diapering for the money saving aspect, but they have helped her little bum out immensely!

  2. Awww, love the cereal on her chin lol. I used disposables for both mine who are now 15 and 18 :) I may encourage my daughter to try cloth when her time comes around (HOPEFULLY NOT FOR SEVERAL YEARS LOL). They've come along way since she was a baby! My son still says he's never having kids lol.

  3. So cute - Athena