Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have a confession to make. My child is spoiled. In more ways than one. Despite my best efforts, she has turned me into her minion. I was hoping she wouldn’t be one of those kids that sometimes fusses unless she’s picked up and the person holding her is not only standing up, but has to walk around aimlessly. But she has me trained. (I’m also starting to think that this is just a baby thing in general and not child specific, unfortunately.) Whenever she does this my husband and I are mean (jokingly, of course) and tell her she needs to learn how to crawl or walk if she wants to see the rest of the house so bad.

She is also spoiled when it comes to having way too much “stuff.” I knew my mom would spoil her, despite living 12 hours away, but she has gone ape shit. In all fairness, it is her first grandchild and we can always use the help since I’m still not working. I know kids grow out of clothes quickly, but it’s kind of ridiculous when you have so many that baby only gets to wear some things once or twice before it doesn’t fit! I’ve tried to tell her (and other family members) “NO MORE CLOTHES!” but I’m starting to just give up and give in when they ask, “What size is she wearing now?” But my mom does send useful stuff too, which brings me to today’s post.

The poor mail and FedEx people are probably sick of me after this week, and let’s not even mention Christmas time yet! I used my birthday money from my parents and hubby’s to, of course, buy Myka things instead of myself. I also finally let my mom talk me into letting her buy a baby swing for Myka as well last week…And some Baby Einstein videos I’ve been wanting for her.  So happy birthday to me, more baby junk! :D

I have the bad habit leftover from my poor days (I don’t really consider it a BAD habit) or trying to make my money go farther and buy things we actually NEED when we do have extra money. The majority of my birthday money went towards buying and trying out hemp diaper inserts, a new bottle brush, and hemp cloth to try and make my own inserts. (Too bad I don’t have a sewing machine yet. :/ ) If/when I do get around to it and all goes well, I might have to post how to do it on here if it’s easy enough. J I’m excited to try out the hemp inserts because as I may have mentioned, I have a little betsy wetsy at night. It’s funny the things you get excited about when you’re a mom that you never in your wildest dreams thought you would give a second thought to. So we will see how the first batch of those work out tonight! Maybe if I give them a good review the diaper fairy will send some free ones? ;) Ha! Yah right!

The swing is a bit of a sore subject. I used to swear up and down that I didn’t want one and would never use it. I felt (and still feel like) people rely on it as a “babysitter” too much, and I didn’t want to be one of those people. I finally cracked last week at the height of teething fussiness (she’s only 3 months old, lame, huh?). My mom brought the whole swing business up again while we were skyping and it wasn’t a day later that I had one picked out for her to order. She did offer to buy it, after all. I sure as hell didn’t ask and wouldn’t have bought one myself, to be perfectly honest.  You’ll do just about anything you can think of when you’re stressed out and baby is stressed out from teething, though. Day 1 of swing and she has already taken two naps in it. Yay!

What are your opinions on the Baby Einstein videos? I know there was a big fuss a few years ago about some study that was done stating that babies don’t actually learn any faster or sooner by watching them and that the opposite is actually possible in some cases. I don’t really care. Mommy has to take a shower and eat some time and I’ll admit, this is MY “babysitter”. I only had one until now so I’m thrilled to have more. I’ve got all music ones because she seems to love music. I figure there are worse things she could be watching, right? 

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