Thursday, April 19, 2018

Learning Activities with Leftover Easter Eggs

             Hey folks! I'm a little behind on this, but does anyone else still have plastic Easter eggs hanging around their house? Hopefully we're not the only ones who hoard Easter eggs all year long. ;)
             It seems kind of wasteful to throw all those eggs away, doesn't it? Well, don't! There are plenty of ways you can reuse them, all year long! Here are a few ideas I've seen around the internet and came up with myself.

*ABC/123 Egg Hunt
My 5 and 2 year old are OBSESSED with hunting for eggs. They don't care what is hidden in them either. So I figured, why not make it educational?

I wrote down all the letters and numbers 1-20, cut them up, stuck them inside the eggs, and scattered them about outside. As always, they had a blast! We brought them in and named off the letters and numbers inside along with words that start with that letter.

*Upper and Lowercase Match Up
Write the uppercase letters on the top half of your eggs and the lowercase on the bottoms. Mix them up and have your child match them together!

*Counting/Number Recognition Practice
Write numbers 1-5, 1-10, or whatever your child needs to work on on your eggs. Find some small items that will fit in the eggs or, even more fun, some treats, like M&M's or goldfish crackers. Have your child count out the appropriate number of items in each egg...Then enjoy your treats!

*Scavenger Hunt
You can go several different ways with this. Make up clues (you'll likely have to help your child with understanding or reading this part) and have your child follow them to each egg. You can work on colors, numbers, shapes, etc with this!

*Color Matching
For younger kids, mix your egg halves up in two piles: one for tops and one for bottoms. Have your child put them back together with the right colors!

*Finish the Pattern
Work with your child on making or finishing patterns. For older kids, use a different color for each egg halve for more of a challenge!

*Bonus Ideas

-Use as bath toys
What kid doesn't love pouring water in the tub?

-Make noise shakers
Super fun and easy to make to boot! Fill your eggs up with rice, beans, sand, etc. Tape up/super glue any holes and where the two halves go together, of course. Tada!

Do you keep and reuse your plastic Easter eggs?
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  1. My one year old is obsessed with Easter Eggs. She would only play with those if given the choice. I can't wait to put them to more use than her popping them open and throwing them all over the living room!

    1. lol We had that problem too last year, so we ended up putting them on top of the fridge! XD