Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Celebrate Spring With Peaceable Kingdom!

             Hey folks! If you're not familiar with Peaceable Kingdom, they offer a wide array of games for young children, stickers, diaries, Valentine's, and more. We recently had the opportunity to try out some of these items to celebrate spring with. It was a hard decision with games like Sunny Day Pond, Count Your Chickens!, and Farmer's Market Match Up Game & Puzzle to choose from, but we eventually settled on Zoo Animals Match Up Game & Puzzle and Alphabet Bingo! Like any 4 year old, Myka loves animals and puzzles AND she really needs to work on learning her letters, so I thought these would be the best choices for us!

Alphabet Bingo!
Ages 4+ 2-6 Players

             Myka seems to get bored with things easily, so I was happy to introduce her to a new kind of game...Plus she yells a lot anyways without realizing it, so I figured yelling out “Bingo!” would be fun for her. ;) Here's what we liked about the game:

*Nice sturdy playing cards/boards.
*A nifty little bag to keep your letters in.
*The letter pieces show the letter on one side and a picture that starts with that letter with the word written underneath on the other side! (This was my favorite thing.)
*Even if she's not very familiar with a letter that is called, she can still find it herself on her own board.
*Makes learning the alphabet much more fun!
*The game goes quickly and it's fun for the whole family to play together.

Zoo Animals Match Up Game & Puzzle
Ages 2+ 2-4 Players

             Myka is at that weird age where it seems hard to find puzzles suitable for her. She's got all of our wooden puzzles down pat, but she needs a LOT of help with jigsaw puzzles. But, she loves doing them and keeps asking to go to the zoo, so this game will have to do for now. ;)

*Sturdy pieces
*Colorful, but realistic looking pictures. (I much prefer realistic pictures to cartoon versions and so do both of my kids most of the time.)
*Myka is TERRIBLE at memory games (though I'm pretty sure she “doesn't remember” just to infuriate me sometimes), so hopefully this will make exercising that part of her brain fun. ;)
*I think the puzzle is just the right amount of easy for her with it's square pieces and border running along the outside.

             Overall, we were satisfied with both games and it's nice to have some new ones to choose from and mix things up! They are both priced reasonably as well at $12.99 for Alphabet Bingo! And $8.99 for the Match Up & Puzzle game. Be sure to visit Peaceable Kingdom's website to explore all of their new items and purchase some games the whole family will enjoy playing together! You can also stay up-to-date with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

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