Thursday, April 27, 2017

Make Your House Smell Yummy With Lit Candles! (Review)

Mixed Bag Mama was not compensated for this post. I received a product in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

             Hey folks! Like many of you, I love “smelly good stuff”: candles, incense, Scentsy. To be honest, I usually prefer incense because it's so much stronger than most candles I have ever tried and the scent lasts longer after it's done burning too. However, it is nice burning good ole candles sometimes, so I decided to give Lit Candles a try when I was approached about doing a review for them. Here is a little product information to get you acquainted with their products:
             Lit Candles are hand-poured and made of a soy wax blend for a strong throw.
Each candle uses 100% soy wax produced from US grown soybeans. Natural flat cotton threads mixed with paper threads create the natural wick of these candles ensuring an eco-friendly and even burn. With a clear glass jar and jar cap for all our candles, these candles are dedicated to providing you with the best and strongest scents consistently. Handcrafted with a simple but fun look and appealing colors, styles & scents, these candles will compliment any style of home.

             Now that you have some background info, let's check out this Hazelnut Latte candle I received for my review. First of all, how fun is this, that it's actually designed to look like a latte?! We're not really into whether things match decor-wise in our house, but if you are, I feel like this would go with a lot of different types of décor themes.
             As for the scent, it really does smell like a delicious latte! A lot of candles I've tried seem to miss the mark with whatever scent they're going for, especially once lit, and that can be disappointing. The Lit Candles Hazelnut Latte candle smells good whether it is lit or not! We have ours in our living room, and, once lit, it fills the room with smelly goodness within minutes, even for being in a larger room. I am actually still surprised by how strong it is for a candle! It was definitely a pleasant surprise.

             I like that these candles are Earth-friendly too, being made from soybeans and having minimal packaging. They do seem to last longer too, so that's a plus!
             If you're looking for a quality candle for your own home or a gift for someone who has everything, definitely be sure to check out all of Lit Candles products. You're sure to find something you will like! As an added bonus, I have a special promo code below for your purchase!

Amazon Promo Code: ZVXT-XVLSWC-GT2QW2
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