Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Recent Bargains

        As you know, I can't pass up a good deal. I was so excited about my recent finds, I felt like sharing.

        My husband is on some Facebook swap shop group for the city we live in. He found a child piano on there one day last week. He pointed it out to me, I looked at it, and said, "What are you waiting for? Contact the lady!" Now, you're probably going to think I'm nuts when you see the condition it's in, but these pianos are normally at LEAST $50/$60. So what if it's missing its legs and bench? That just means my daughter can play with it NOW and not later the way I look at it! :) Oh. And we got it for $7!!!

        I've also very recently decided that I want to start getting some more learning toys for Myka, such as simple shape/color puzzles, blocks, shape sorter, that sort of thing. Although it may be on the decline in public schools, I also strongly believe that music is very important, so I've been wanting to get/make more shakers/rattles, tambourine, and other items that make noise. (Hence the pint sized piano, too.) We made the mistake of going to Michael's craft store this afternoon to get crayons (more on that in another post) and "just look around." (You would think I would know by now that I'm not going to walk out of that store with only what I had intended on getting in the first place.) Low and behold, there were tons of clearance items in the kids toys/craft section, including some music/noise makers. I couldn't resist. It was a sign. ;)

        We got all of the things picture below for $10.27 (before tax). I think that's pretty good! Plus "yay" for learning toys!

The piano works just fine, the 2 noise makers are wooden instead of cheap plastic, and the Pick-Up Sticks, well, they were a dollar, fgs. They'll help with fine motor development. ;) We also got some jingle bells, but didn't find out until we checked out that they weren't for sale. :/ Myka had already been serenading everyone with them in the store. We couldn't say 'no'. lol

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