Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quitting My Job

            As some of you may know, I have been working a part-time retail job on the weekends for the past 5 months. Well, this brief stint has come to an end. Although I’ve been dying to stay home with Myka again because I HATE having her with a sitter 3 days a week (Snark Side post coming soon on that!), I did not come to this decision lightly; mostly because I really like my boss. Honestly. No sarcasm here. I have one of the best, most fun bosses I’ve ever had or that anyone could ask for. For her sake, I was really trying to stick it out for at least the rest of the summer since that is our busy season, but multiple factors were making it more trouble than it’s worth to keep working.
             To be honest, I wanted a part-time job so I could get out of the house some while still being home with Myka the majority of the week. The extra money was nice too so we weren’t just living off of my husband’s paycheck to pay the bills. Originally, I (and my boss, for that matter) had planned and thought I was going to be working 4 days a week. However, she ended up basically being forced to hire another seasonal worker (did I mention I live in a tourist town?), so I’ve only been able/allowed to work 3 days. While I of course love being able to spend my husband’s weekends with him and an extra day with Myka during the week, literally almost half of my paycheck is going to the babysitter. John and I did the calculations several times and found that if we paid our babysitter just $10 more per week, she would be making MORE money than I am.
            Needless to say with that being said, that was one of the main reasons I decided to call it quits. While yes, I am still making a little extra money, in my opinion it’s just not worth it. I’d much rather be home raising our child instead of a stranger anyways. Speaking of strangers babysitting my child, that was THE big deciding factor. But, like I said, you will have to read about that on my Snark Side post when I get around to it. ;)
            How am I feeling about this decision? Two words: liberated and relieved. While I felt really bad at first for abandoning ship on my boss, I’m getting over it quickly because I know it’s what’s best for my family and I know she understands this as well. It also helps that she has been fortunate enough to find someone to replace me already. Lol I could not be more relieved, though, knowing that after this weekend I will no longer have to leave my baby with a stranger or worry about whether her diaper is being changed often enough or if/why she’s not taking more naps. The list goes on and on.

            Tell me: Have YOU (or your significant other) ever quit your job to stay home with your child(ren)? I’d love to hear your stories! 


  1. I did over 14 years ago, since then I have been a stay at home mommy and homemaker. I love being able to just focus on my home and family and with four children it's busy. We actually save money this way because babysitting costs would be horrendous! I was raised in daycare by strangers and I would never put my kids in one!

    1. It's expensive enough with one, I can't imagine having to have child care for 4! I was telling one of my blogger friends the other day that people always tell you it gets easier leaving them when you go back to work after having a baby as time goes on, but it didn't for me. It only got worse!

      I have thought and even looked online for some mommy groups, but to be honest, and I know this is going to sound terrible, I haven't really met many people I like since we've lived here. I'm terrible at meeting/making new friends, too.

  2. By the way good luck! My advice is to get into some mommy groups so you can get out of the house and talk to other stay at home moms in the same season of life as you. The best I know of is MOPS. Mothers Of Preschoolers. It's great! You can google it to find a group close to you.