Monday, March 26, 2018

Sunshine Blogger Award (A "Getting to Know You" Post)

            Hey folks! I was recently nominated by Su from Ethan & Evelyn for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Basically, it's just a fun way to get to know your favorite bloggers a little better on a personal level!

Q1. Your blog’s name – why have you given this name to your blog?
I actually started out as Getting Green With Baby my first year of blogging. I talked a lot about cloth diapering, making your own bath and household items, etc. It wasn't that I became disinterested in those things, but I wanted a blog title to encompass ALL the things I like sharing...Which is a lot...Hence Mixed Bag Mama. ;)

Q2. When did you start blogging?
January of 2013! :O

Q3. What prompted you to start a blog?
I was still staying home after I had my first daughter and needed a creative outlet of some sort. I enjoyed entering giveaways on other people's blogs at the time, so I figured, why not start my own!

Q4. Name one favourite blogger that you are a big fan of right now.
I have to admit that I do not read other blogs as often as I used to or would like, but lately I have really enjoyed reading Our Unschooling Journey Through Life.

Q5. Why is she/ he/ they are your favourite blogger at this moment in time?
It's very inspiring and entertaining to read as we are starting out with homeschooling...And she has three kids too! They do lots of hands-on things, don't really plan too much, and follow their own interests a lot, which I love!

Q6. What one place on earth would you go if you received an invitation to go traveling without money being the limit? & Why?
That's a really tough one, but I would probably choose the U.K. Mostly so I could visit my friend who lives in England and go on an epic road/camping trip with her and her fiancee!

Q7. What is your one favourite cheer up food when you are feeling down in the dumps?
Hmm...Pasta or brownies...Or both. :D

Q8. What’s your one favourite thing to do with your family?
Visiting state parks/going camping.

Q9. What was your dream job when you were young?
I remember when I was like 6 I wanted to be a doctor. (What kid doesn't at some point, right?)

Q10. What is your dream job now?
Well, if I knew that, I probably wouldn't have quit college because I couldn't make up my mind! Lol In all seriousness, though, working with the elderly in some way would be my dream job. I'm thinking once the kids are out of the house, I would like to do non-medical in-home care. I think it would also be fun to be a realtor. I love seeing inside other houses!

Q11. If you could give back to the world – what would that one thing be?
I would like to volunteer at a nursing home. Again, one of these days when the kids are out of the house or older and more self-reliant. ;)

I don't feel like I follow enough other bloggers to nominate anyone, but if you happen to have a blog and come across this post and would like to participate, here are the “rules” below!

Once nominated, if you choose to accept, write a post where you:
  • Thank the person who nominated you for the Sunshine Award and link back to their blog
  • Answer the questions set by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate other bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer
  • Notify your nominees through social media or commenting on their blog
  • List the “rules” and display a Sunshine Award logo in your post

*Why did you start blogging?
*Tell us about your family: How many kids? Are you married? Etc.
*What is your favorite past-time?
*If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
*What is your favorite place to vacation or favorite thing to do for vacation?
*Books: Good ole physical copy you can actually hold or digital?
*What is your favorite movie?
*If you have children, how did you come up with their names?
*What is your favorite season and why?
*Pop or soda?
*Rent or own?
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  1. Thank you kind lady! I am so happy to read that my blog inspires you and good luck on your homeschooling journey!!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. Now I know why you have changed your blog name It all makes sense now. :) P.s. I love pasta too! x

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

  3. Great to find out more about you - you've been blogging for a long time! #fabfridaypost

    1. A crazy long time! I don't think I actually thought I would still be blogging now when I first started. ha ha