Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kid-Friendly Christmas Craft Round-Up

            Hey folks! It's time for another holiday round-up! Whether you have little ones at home or big kids staying home over break, I hope you find something in today's post to keep everyone occupied!

DIY Christmas Ornament Round-Up for Young Kids

DIY Winter Hat Christmas Ornaments

 Jeweled Vintage Buttons Christmas Tree Decor

               Snowman Tea Lights

            Cookie Snowman

  Clothespin Reindeer Ornament

Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

Super Simple Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers

 Christmas Craft Kits for Kiddos

  Spatula Painted Reindeer Craft

Easy Christmas Tree Craft

  Happy Santa Craft

Reindeer Crafts & Activities

*All images and ideas belong to the bloggers who willingly shared their posts with me to use in this round up.
This Is How We Roll Thursday Party

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  1. Oh! These are so good! I love the tea lights snowmen. Looks like it is super easy to do. Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost