Monday, August 14, 2017

Dawn Publications 2017 Fall Releases (Sneak Peek)

             Hey folks! Who's ready for the fall releases from Dawn Pub? It's hard to believe it's already that late in the year!

Daytime Nighttime book cover

While you are sleeping and when you arise,
Animals everywhere lead busy lives.
Winter or summer, and all the year through,
Let's take a look at what some of them do!”

It's always fun and interesting learning about animal habits, isn't it? This book, written by Diane Lang and illustrated by Andrea Gabriel, takes a look at all kinds of creatures, from eagles to spiders, snails to lizards. Each page covers a different month of the year, with an animal that comes out during the day and another that is nocturnal.

Daytime Nighttime inside

I thought this book was really neat because it covers such a diverse array of animals and critters: mammals, amphibians, insects, etc. It includes critters from all over the country, too, not just, say, the Midwest. Like I said, it's always fun learning about animals, especially for kids, and this is a lovely book to introduce some basic facts about many animals that young children are probably already familiar with. The illustrations and pleasantly flowing rhyme make this book even more engaging.

Tall Tall Tree cover

Tall Tall Tree Ages 3 to 8

There's a world teeming with life that very few people ever see! Take a peek at the animals that make their home in a tall, tall redwood tree.”

Not that I didn't enjoy the first book, but I have to admit I was a bit biased towards liking this one more because I would LOVE to go visit the redwood forests some day! I just can't even fathom how big these trees truly are in person. Anyways...

Tall Tall Tree inside

Aside from learning about all of the creatures that have made their unique home in the redwood trees, this is a great counting book as well for younger kids. The rhyming flows well in this book as well, helping children remember what they're learning from the book better. It really was interesting to learn what kinds of creatures live up in these tall, tall trees and the beautiful illustrations from Chad Wallace really add to the book!

            As always, there are more learning resources, about the animals, and more in the back of each book. Dawn Pub has a wide range of nature-related books for children, so be sure to see what all they have to offer for the little explorer in your life!

All photos courtesy of Dawn Pub. I received these books in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received.
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  1. Oh these just look fabulous! We love learning about nature and I love books with beautiful illustrations like these.

  2. Wow! These are such beautiful books. I really like the sound of the Tall Tall Tree. We love venturing into the woods and it would be really useful to know the different types of trees in our area.

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