Thursday, May 18, 2017

Afternoon Exploration at Lieber & Cataract Falls SRAs

             Hey folks! Have I mentioned my husband and in-laws love mushroom hunting? I'm guessing a lot of you might be too, so we all know this is the perfect time of year for finding morels. (So I've heard.) I could care less about mushrooms because I think they're disgusting, but I love any excuse to go walking in the woods! We recently went “mushrooming” at Lieber SRA and Cataract Falls SRA, so, even though they are not state parks, I thought I would share some pictures from them in this week's “travel post” anyways. They are definitely worth visiting as well!

             Communication is not exactly my husband and his family's strong point, so I will admit I was disappointed (read: pissed off) when, on the way, I found out we were going here instead of Cataract Falls like I thought. I didn't really have a good time when I went with them last year because I couldn't really fish with the kids being the age they were at the time, there were no trails where we went (that I know of, at the dam), and there were a ton of people over by the playground having a get-together or something. Anyways...
             We ended up going to the actual SRA this time and walked down an old access road. It was beautiful out that day, so I went a little overboard with pictures. It was a much more pleasant experience this time. The kids also got to play on a different playground for a little bit before we took a walk. Oh. And in case you're wondering, no, they didn't find any mushrooms.

             I love this place. Who doesn't love waterfalls, right? I'm not sure why we don't go more often. It's only about 20/25 minutes away. (Lieber/Cagles Mill Dam is only about 10/15 minutes from Cataract Falls, in case you're wondering. You can totally make both in a day!) I meant to go last fall and never got around to it, for some reason (Life, amiright?) because I'm sure it's extra awesome with all of the leaves changing colors!
             We did the “usuals” here: Checked out the upper falls, attempted to go on a trail we've never been on (We had to turn around. It was too steep and the kids were with us, of course!), walked over the covered bridge, checked out the lower falls, and walked the path between it and the picnic area.

             I didn't really include much about any amenities, so if you have any particular questions, you can either visit each place's website by clicking their names above or ask me in the comments below! What is your favorite lake or waterfall to visit?

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  1. I love your pictures. This looks like a great place to go on a day trip to hike. :-)

    1. Thanks! I'm still not sure why we don't go to the falls more often. :)

  2. Wow! Another beautiful place to visit. I love that hut/ house bridge and the waterfall. Just beautiful! Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost