Thursday, April 6, 2017

BestBottom Swim Diaper: First Impressions

             Hey folks! Swim season will be upon us before we know it! Recently, a sale on swim diapers in one of my emails caught my eye. I contemplated ordering one because it was super cheap, even for a regular cloth diaper, let alone a swim diaper. Then, as it usually goes when I'm online, I somehow managed to fall down another “rabbit hole” and discovered that BestBottom now makes swim diapers! I don't really stay up-to-date on cloth diaper stuff much any more so I don't know if this is a new development, but I was pretty excited since they are the main brand we use daily!
            Of course, I had to buy one. We still have an AppleCheeks swim diaper from when Myka was a baby, but I thought an extra one would come in handy this year. I really want to go to the splash pad, pool, lake, etc. more this summer. And by more I mean at all, really. Have I mentioned I kind of dropped the ball on all that fun stuff I had planned last summer? Anyways...
             Since it still won't be warm enough to go swimming for a bit, I thought I would at least tell you guys more about this diaper in case you're in the market and some things that I personally like about it and the brand! (In no particular order.)

*One size fits most babies 6-35+ lbs. (I love anything one size...When it comes to diapers, anyways.)
*Durable, more “solid” not “flimsy” like AppleCheeks' swim diaper. (Though it does look very comfy for that reason!) I'm hoping the BB (BestBottom) doesn't pill as easily.
*Waterproof outer layer to keep baby drier for longer. (Hopefully)
*Cross over snaps for little babies.
*4 different size rises for a better fit.
*Inner mesh so diaper dries faster and is more comfortable for baby than straight PUL against the skin.
*Functions like a regular cover, which makes poo clean ups easy. (Who wants to PULL OFF a poopy diaper from a wet baby?!)
*I like the idea of laying an insert inside the diaper for the car ride to wherever you're playing in the water. That way your seat won't get wet because of the waterproof outer layer and you it's one less thing to worry about putting the whole thing on your baby once you get there!
*The only thing I thought was strange about these so far is they cost more than the regular covers. Not by much, but still. Does mesh really cost that much?

             Be sure to check back in a couple months when we will (hopefully) have our full review! Also, if you're so inclined, I would love it if you would check out my video on the BestBottom swim diaper on YouTube as well. (Or below.) :)

*All opinions are my own. I purchased this product myself and received no compensation of any kind from the manufacturer/distributor.
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  1. I've used cloth diapers but never tried a swim diaper! Great post.

  2. These look pretty good! My son is a toddler now but these would be great once my next baby! Will have to keep this in mind.