Monday, January 27, 2014

Dr.Praeger's Kids Food

            It's not very often that I write about companies just because I like them so much. (Just for the record, though, almost every single review I've done in the past are all from companies that I contacted first. So yes, I really do only recommend products that I would use/buy!) However, I'm talking about stuff that I actually buy myself. Dr.Praeger's happens to be one of those few companies that I've gotten excited enough about and enjoyed so much that I felt compelled to share them with all of you!
            I'll admit we've only actually tried one of their kids food items so far, but I love it! Their Spinach Littles are the greatest thing ever. I'm so glad my husband found them in the frozen food section by accident one day.

            I know what you might be thinking: If it's frozen food, how good can it be? Short answer: A lot better than you would think! For one, you can actually pronounce all of the ingredients and they are things you are familiar with. There isn't really any extra crap in them. John and I like to think of them as chicken nuggets minus the chicken and made with healthier foods, such as spinach (obviously), onions, and egg whites. (Let's face it: The "chicken" in most chicken nuggets is not that great!)
            If you've been hanging around here for awhile, you may remember reading about what a hard time we had transitioning Myka from purees to solid, big people food. These Spinach Littles have come in really handy since they are soft, yet still require chewing. She wasn't fond of them the first time, but it's one of her new faves now.
            These also taste a lot better than you might expect a "veggie nugget" to be too. So much so that I've been tempted to start buying 2 boxes when we get them: 1 for Myka and 1 for me to snack on! lol
            So, if you're feeling lazy and don't want to cook or simply don't have the time, but still want your child to have something healthy to eat, I highly recommend these! (Word of caution: If you do end up getting these and have a super high powered microwave like we seem to, only heat them up for the recommended time if you're making 5 of them. Otherwise they'll turn into crispy critters. My husband found that out the hard way.) Dr.Praeger's also sells Sweet Potato Littles, Lightly Breaded Fishies, Broccoli Littles, and more as far as the kids food. For the adults they offer, veggie burgers (would love to try some of these), veggie pancakes, chickenless products, and more. Yum!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated monetarily or otherwise for this review. I have no affiliation with this company or any of its affiliates. I just like their products and wanted to spread the word!


  1. Oh boy! Any way to get extra veggies into the littles is great!

  2. I'm not a fan of frozen food, and don't own a microwave, but it's great to have help getting veggies into kiddos!!

  3. Sounds interesting, I never really considered the idea of frozen food for kids (besides frozen fruits or veggies)