Monday, April 25, 2016

Help Your Baby Sleep Better With Snug & Tug! (Review)

             Hey folks! I have a parenting confession to make: I have been treating Ripley, our second daughter, way differently than Myka, our first, just for the fact that she is more than likely our last kid. Is that terrible of me? At least I realize this about myself, right? I've done so many things differently this time around and have, naturally, gotten more lax about certain “baby rules” too. One thing I've done the same, however, is swaddling.
             If you've never swaddled a baby, let me tell you that it can be a real life-saver. Well, at least a sanity saver. Swaddled babies tend to sleep longer (and more restfully since they're not able to startle themselves awake as easily) and swaddling can help with colic and fussiness. I have found that it seems to help them fall asleep faster most of the time as well. I can't remember how we came into the swaddles we received with Myka, whether we bought them or they were gifts, but I am so glad we had them and still do! It's one of the few baby products that I was afraid would be totally useless, but was pleasantly surprised that it was not. Anyways...

              I like swaddling so much with my kids that I decided to contact Go Mama Go Designs about their Snug & Tug swaddling blankets and they were generous enough to let me try one out! They come in a variety of solid colors and polka dot colors as well as sizes, even including a preemie option! The small is best suited for babies from birth to around 3 months; the large for babies from 3-6 months. (Although, if I remember correctly, you're supposed to stop swaddling your baby when he/she can roll over on his/her own, which may be before 6 months.)

             You might be wondering why the different size options if you're just going to cinch it up tight, right? Think of it like sized cloth diapers: sure, you can put a one-size diaper on a newborn, but a newborn sized diaper is still going to fit better. With the different size options, you just get a better fit...which ensures baby is not able to wiggle himself free in the middle of the night! (Or afternoon, as the case may be.) We went with the large since we received it around the time Ripley was turning 3 months old and to be honest, it's big. But, in all fairness, the large does also say 14 to 22 pounds and she was only around 12 when we first started trying it out. We can only use it once or twice (before washing) before it gets too stretched out to secure her well enough and it's only been a few weeks since we first started trying it out. Not complaining, just trying to help you out with what size to choose, especially if your baby might be between sizes!
             Snug & Tugs are made with super soft cotton that feel like flannel. For obvious reasons since you are wrapping this swaddle around more times than most others, I noticed right away that Ripley got a lot warmer in this than our other ones. It's not really a problem, but just be sure to dress your baby appropriately so they don't get all sweaty or overheated.

Top left: I couldn't exactly tuck her arms in and take a picture at the same time. lol Top right: Showing the backside where you crossover the first wing, tuck it through, and secure it on the back. 

             Do the pictures above scare you a little? I don't know how, but it's both complicated but not as complicated as it looks at the same time to wrap the Snug & Tug. I will admit it does take some practice, especially to keep baby's arms down while tucking everything in, but it's not as much of a pain or crazy as you might think. Plus, as long as you have the correct size and wrap it securely, it's much better at keeping little escape artists wrapped up than using a regular swaddle blanket without Velcro tabs and even other similar swaddles. (Trust me. I have tried all three. She still escapes sometimes, but it still keeps her in more often than our other Velcro swaddles and regular blankets.)

             As far as Ripley's verdict, it's kind of a toss up. It's so hard to tell with babies since their patterns (whether it be sleeping, eating, pooping, etc.) are always changing. I would say she likes the Snug & Tug better than our other ones because she hardly ever fusses and doesn't squirm nearly as much when I'm wrapping her up. However, it doesn't seem to help her sleep at night any longer. I had been alternating between swaddling her and letting her sleep in her crib and sleeping next to my side of the bed in her bouncer. She seemed to start sleeping better in the bouncer around the time we started trying out the Snug & Tug, but we think she has some reflux issues, which may be why she started sleeping better in the bouncer since she was upright. On the other side of the coin, though, she seems to take longer naps if I swaddle her. Why do we even try to figure babies out? Ha ha

 Peekaboo! ha ha She's always so happy in the morning.

             In general, I definitely think swaddling helps babies sleep better, especially when they're newborns. I highly recommend you try a Snug & Tug out for yourself and give swaddling a chance! They would make the perfect baby shower gift too.
             You can order your own Snug & Tug on Go Mama Go Design's website for $17.99-$19.99. (They also offer some awesome safety products for cribs!) Stay up-to-date with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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