Monday, August 31, 2015

Making a Homestead Part 6: Predator Proofing the Chicken Coop

             Hey folks! We've been very busy outdoors, so don't be surprised if you see another one of these posts next week! More than likely it will be to brag about getting our fall garden planted without the aid of a tiller. You've been forewarned. ;) Who says you can't garden on a budget?!
             If this is the first “Making a Homestead” post you're reading, I'll catch you up quickly by saying that our “new” house came with a good sized chicken coop...Unfortunately, it's not been used for its intended purpose for quite awhile and time has not been kind to parts of it. Needless to say, it needs some predator proofing before we get any chickies residing in it.
             With all of the spare “crap” we've been finding left behind in the garages and barn, we've not spent anything on the work we have done to the chicken coop so far. (And by “we” I mean John. Lol) Technically, I think the boards he used were ours from another project as well as the hardware cloth, but for all intents and purposes we'll say everything has been free. ;) We did find the chicken wire in the barn!
             So far we've been trying to cover the obvious areas that needed some attention, such as the gaps along the bottom and the open windows...

             As far as obvious things go, we still need to make a door out of any of the numerous leftover pieces of plywood, old doors, or table we have laying around. John also plans on putting chicken wire along the cracks on the outside. (top left) Then we should be able to start on the actual “chicken needs”, like roosting bars and nesting boxes. It shouldn't be too much work, but I have to admit I'm kind of sad we probably won't be getting any chickies this year. At least that gives us time to pimp their coop out, right? Ha ha

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