Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trials & Tribulations: Making a Homestead Part 4

            Hey folks! I know last time I said hopefully this update would be on something more fun and exciting, like fixing up our chicken coop, but unfortunately that's not going to happen today. Since we don't get to use the "Easy Button" much in our lives, we've ran into a few more snags with moving/closing on the property itself...
            Since we are getting a USDA loan since we're unable to get the VA one since we are still using it on our house in Arkansas we're trying to sell, the USDA inspector finally came out to inspect the place a few weeks ago. We knew there were a few issues and planned on fixing them at our leisure once we bought the place, but they aren't anything that impedes the house from being livable and didn't think they would be a big deal. Well, evidently we were wrong. So now, before we're able to get financing, the issues have to be fixed first. Boo. And it feels like it is taking forever to get done. Double boo. 
            Since John is handy, we made a deal with the sellers (which is like 3 brothers, I believe) to where they paid for the materials and John is doing all the work. It seemed like a good idea at first and it does save everyone money in the long run (hiring contractors would have cost the sellers around $30-40,000 as opposed to $1,500. O.o) But John is only one person. I can only help so much because I'm afraid I'll mess something up. It feels like we're crawling at a snail's pace, even though we had help from John's family one weekend. But let's just say these projects are taking much longer than I expected...

            So far, we have gotten the French drain installed (top), which is evidently just a fancy term for a drain that's installed in a trench covered in rock, gravel, etc. We also had to replace most of the cement windowsills because they were installed incorrectly and the interior part had sunk over time, causing rainwater to run toward the windows. So those are leveled now. We also finished tiling the kitchen this weekend. (The sub-floors needed replaced in the kitchen, laundry room, and small bathroom off of that.

            As far as what still needs done, we still need to grout the kitchen and finish all the other junk in the other two rooms. You can see in the picture we got one sheet of sub-floor in, but we're going to have to move the toilet, sink, and washer/dryer before doing the rest. It makes me tired just thinking about it. (For the record, I'm not against manual labor, but what.a.pain.in.the.ass!) Other than that, we still have to replace the siding/soffit. Makes me glad the whole house isn't siding, but still. I have a sinking feeling this is going to be the worst part. 

            In my "Getting Over Fears" post last week, I promised a picture of how ridiculously tall the grass is out here too. I feel like the pictures still doesn't do it justice. lol Guess who doesn't have a mower yet? Who wants to help me throw money in a pile and set it on fire? Ok, ok, I'm starting to get too cynical, so now is a good stopping point. ;)

            What problems did you run into when buying a house or starting a homestead?

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