Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Workin' Out and Stickin' To It!

            Hey folks! Sorry I've not been writing much lately, but I hope you've at least been enjoying the giveaways! Things have been a bit stressful around here and I think that's the main reason I've not felt like writing: Just too much on my mind. But, I thought I would share with you how excited I am that I've actually stuck to a workout routine recently!
            As I've mentioned a billion times before, it seems, I've struggled with my weight for a long time. As far as food, it's not so much that I eat too much, I just have a bad habit of eating a lot of not so healthy snacks. As far as exercise, I much prefer doing things outdoors, like hiking, and needless to say, that has been difficult since moving back to Indiana, especially this winter! I'm used to still being able to go fishing, and hiking, and go on walks during the winter since we had been living in Arkansas for the past 4 years!
            Anyways, I finally got fed up enough about my weight to start working out to a Spark People workout dvd. And surprisingly, I've actually stuck to it for 2 1/2 weeks now. While I would still much rather be outdoors doing something, I like that there is a schedule you can follow and it's a different segment each time you workout, not the same thing over and over. There are 4 or 5 different workout routines that alternate, so you never get bored and, as the dvd says, "keeps your body guessing". Hooray for not getting bored!
            I finally bought some more hand weights the other day too since they are incorporated in the workouts sometimes. I have some...but they are in the storage unit God knows where. It's not like they're all that expensive, so I figured why not. For playing tennis in high school and picking up a toddler regularly now, it's amazing how little upper body strength I have. lol
            I've been trying to eat better too, though I'm still definitely not perfect. No kale chips for me, thank you! I have been drinking a smoothie about every day and eating spinach salads more. (Using spinach instead of lettuce or romaine is the only way I'll eat a salad. Am I weird or what?!) I've gotten a lot better over the past few months about actually cooking dinner instead of eating frozen stuff, sandwiches, etc. I'm starting to not hate cooking so much. ;)
            So, what is your favorite way to lose weight or keep in shape? Do you go to the gym or prefer to do things in the privacy of your own home? Either way, feel the burn!


  1. I work out at home too! ...And it has become something I miss if I don't do it!! I actually got up today at 5:30am, seriously! The longer you stick with it the easier it become to fit it into your schedule! I love that you are taking little steps in the right direction. Trying to change everything all at once is a recipe for disaster for most of us. Baby steps are achievable! Well done! Your body will thank you :) PS...I never thought I would like kale chips...however, I was wrong! With the right seasoning they are surprisingly tasty! Blessings to you :) Sammi @ Grounded & Surrounded

    1. I definitely have to agree with you about it becoming easier to fit in the more you do it. There have been a few days when I didn't have to work out that I was kind of disappointed I didn't. But sshh. Don't tell anyone I said that! lol I think baby steps are definitely a better route too! If I try to go "all in" I cave in less than a week!