Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Update: S.A.D., BBT Charting, & More

Starting from top left going clockwise: Playing Crazy 8's, last month's BBT chart, a random picture of a place in the country to go along with my house hunting discussion, and a score of awesome movies I got from Goodwill for super cheap!

            Hey folks! There has been a lot going on for us and it's been awhile since I've done an update. I've had a lot on my mind lately, maybe too much, and I just haven't felt like writing about it until now. Maybe it's because a certain family member sent me over the edge yesterday and now I feel like venting. lol
            We just started looking at houses again yesterday. The second one we saw we really like. Enough that we are seriously considering making an offer on it if everything goes through after my husband meets with the loan officer at work again. The place is 89.9k for a 2 bedroom house on 10 acres. It's the deal of a lifetime for us. The only catch? It's quite a long drive for my husband to and from work.
            A lot of the places we've been looking at online are about the same driving distance. I've asked John repeatedly if he's sure he wants to drive that far to work. (Because I sure wouldn't!) Every time he has said he wouldn't because it would be just the driving and not dealing with the traffic like he has been. (We currently live north of Indy and the houses we have been looking at are south of Indy where the traffic isn't nearly as bad getting out of the city.)
            However, neither of our families are all that enthused about us moving that far away for varying reasons that I won't go into. It's not so much that I care what they think because, well, it's our life, right? But I can't say it's not disappointing that they can't at least pretend to be happy for us and just support us. Isn't that what family is supposed to do? I didn't like or understand my brother's decision to join the Army last year, but I still supported him. *sigh* It's bringing me down and I already have a hard enough time staying positive and in a good mood this time of year.
            Speaking of which, I'm still going strong with the ole natural remedies for my seasonal affective disorder. I was going to start drinking the tea made from the St.John's Wort herbs that my husband got for me, but quite frankly, it tastes terrible. So I'm thinking about making my own tincture out of them soon. Instead, I've gone back to using the SJW essence in my water at least twice a day and am still taking my Vitamin D3. While I still feel better than I do without taking either, I have to admit that the I'm Sad tincture I recently reviewed from Boline Apothecary seems to help a lot. Definitely need to order more soon!
            I'm still doing the whole basal body temperature charting thing too. I'm not really sure that I've learned all that much from it...Other than I'm pretty sure I didn't ovulate at all last month and I feel like my temperatures fluctuate more than they should. Oh well. I'll keep at it and if nothing else I'll have something to show the doctor (or midwife) the next time I go.
            I just started working out again this week. Sadly, I'm pretty proud of myself because I've done the dvd I'm using 3 times this week so far since I'm trying to follow the schedule it gives. Yes, that's good for me. I've been trying to eat somewhat better too. Or not as many snacks, anyways. ;) I need to lose weight period because I'm tired of being fat, plus it should help my lady cycles get more regular, which leads to babies, which I have total baby fever for right now! Am I the only one who's not pregnant right now?


  1. No, you're not the only one. We can't have anymore babies, though, which has me totally bummed once again because yes, it seems like everybody else is pregnant. I tried charting when we were TTC one time, but I found it wasn't accurate for me - maybe because I wasn't diligent about it? I don't know. I always ovulate late in my cycle, but I only discovered that because of the ovulation strips - and the fact that they always changed my due date after the first ultrasound by 5 days - every time. lol I'll have to try the St. John's Wort. I hope your house hunt goes well. You're right - it should be what's best for your family, but I know it's hard when others aren't supportive.

    1. Well, I started charting at the end of December and have done surprisingly well with remembering to do it every morning, but like I said, I don't feel like I've learned much. They say you should see a noticeable increase for a few days when you're getting ready to ovulate, but I never do...or something comes up, like getting sick or this month I have a nasty boil behind my knee. So there's a few times it's been like, "Ok, is this my supposed increase in temperature or do I just have a slight fever?" bah! I still use the strips sometimes too when I think I should be getting close to ovulating, but I've not had a single one get as dark as the test line in the last 3 months. :/

      The St.John's Wort really does help! If you have a little extra money, I definitely recommend the I'm S.A.D. tincture I just reviewed. It's good stuff!

      Thanks! We're supposed to go see it again this weekend plus a different house. Houses are flying off the market like hotcakes, so I feel like we should probably jump on the first one before it goes too!