Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pregnancy Journal #3-Pregnancy Announcements!

             Hey folks! I felt like writing another preggo update since it's been a few weeks, but wasn't really sure what to write about. At first, I had intended on talking about old wives tales for “predicting” the gender of baby...Then I realized I had already talked about that some in my previous post. Lol (That's what I get for writing posts so far ahead of times sometimes, huh?) So, I decided to share my pregnancy announcements.
             I may have went a little overboard with them. It's our last kid and it's kind of a big deal, ok?! I saw and thought of several cute things, so I just went with all of them!

balloon & chalkboard announcement
I saw something like this on Pinterest and thought it was cute. Easier said than done to get a decent picture, of course. Because naturally, even though they both love balloons, Ripley was more interested in pushing her bubble mower around the yard at the moment.

officially outnumbered announcement
I thought this would be cute. I mean, I'm sure I'm not the first person who's thought of this, but still.

chalk people pregnancy announcement
I made chalk paint for the kids one day and I'm pretty sure I was enjoying it more than either one of them were. They went ape shit once they realized (and I let them) it was a lot of fun just sticking their hands in it and splashing it all over themselves. Whatevs. Anyways...

This idea popped in my head. I probably got it from those godforsaken stick figure families on the backs of mini-vans. This is way cuter, though, right?

             We also made a rather big decision after my first doctor's appointment. Deciding where to give birth to this one at has been a way more convoluted endeavor than it really should have been. At first, I was going to give the place I had my annual exam done at in Terre Haute a chance...Then I started getting bills for said exam that had already been paid for by my insurance. (We actually are very lucky and have awesome health insurance.) On top of that (right before the bill issues even started), I called to schedule an appointment and the lady told me I had to have a positive blood test from an outside agency, like the crisis pregnancy center, sent over to their office before I could schedule an appointment. Um, no. Isn't that your job? And furthermore, I don't even live in flippin' Terre Haute and I'm sure as hell not making extra freakin' appointments!
             So, since I wanted to get in as soon as possible and I know my old office is always so busy, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with the doctors I had Ripley with. With intentions of finding a doctor in Bloomington since it would be way closer. Well, hubby and I got to talking about it and I had been thinking about it some more, and something just didn't sit right with us about going to Bloomington. Although there are supposedly VBAC-friendly doctors there, I hadn't really heard reassuring things when it came to that from my mom group friends who had gone for a VBAC there.   
            So, although all the driving sucks at the end (our hospital of choice is over an hour away!), we're just going to stick with the same hospital we had Ripley at. To be honest, I had a great stay there and I like the familiarity. Kind of ironic, though, now that I think about it. With Myka (when we lived in Arkansas), the hospital was literally, like, 5 minutes down the street. Now we cross through several Indiana counties to have babies. ;)

Did you have a hard time choosing where to have your baby? Or were you not nearly as picky as me?
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  1. Congrats and what an incredible time. It's amazing all of the planning and decisions that are involved nowadays!!

  2. I was very choosy. The hospital 2 minutes down the road from me where I had Ethan I didn't want to return as the recovering unit was just awful! I then wanted to go to the next best hospital but t was about 20 minutes drive. Then I fall out with the doctor there and I've decided to have a home birth with the home birth midwives team from Ethan's Hospital. It was the best decision I've made. I did wanted to have a water birth but she came too early. lol! Oh well... perhaps, my number 3??? All the best, I hope everything will work out for you my dear. xx

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

  3. Congratulations - hope all goes well. 3 is the magic number. Sarah #fabFridaypost

  4. Such an amazing idea or indoor activity for kids. will sure involve my nephews and try this. And many many congratulations on the great news. Stay healthy and safe. Good lucl